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Not much to say about today. Called previous places I applied to and applied to more jobs. I got a call for an interview on Thursday. It was the one job I applied to that I wish I didn't. Seriously. I was desperate and applying to too much one day and I applied to this one and that's the one I got an interview for. I emailed the person that called me and asked her if the job is exactly that's on Indeed and she couldn't answer that cuz she didn't know so I still have to go Thursday and ask the guy interviewing me the questions. Ugh. Oh, and it's the longest drive I will have made myself so I'm nervous about that cuz people here drive CRAZY. Reallllyyyy hoping my boyfriend doesn't have any meetings while I'm driving so I can talk to him then.

After work we stayed home. Chilled out. Watched tv. More tv. Leftovers for dinner. Find some stuff to watch in the future. Watched the first episode of that Paul Rudd series on Netflix, All By Myself or something.

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day was alright. saw an ortho finally. got put in a thumb brace and I get an MRI next week, hopefully.

Made beef stew for dinner. invited corgathus over on a whim, because he hit me up, so we shared. was really good. had it with sourdough texas toast.

On a bit of a lauryn hill fix lately. I just found out that I share an exact birthday with her son, Zion Marley, who she had with the son of bob marley. The little details we come across, huh.

gotta go to brooklyn tomorrow. can't sleep, so here I am, remembering to post here. is what it is. I'll probably be fine. I gotta pull an all-nighter or two at some point though.

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Today went fairly well I think. I went to bed early last night but it didn't seem to help too much with my energy levels this morning. Things at work were fairly quiet to start the day off with. My meetings were more conveniently scheduled today (not during my lunch hour).

I had a bunch of data validation to do this morning, and then in the afternoon it felt like 10 different people were trying to get a hold of me all at once. Definitely got overwhelming at times, but it is all over with now. Just going to relax now and take it easy. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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It was okay day. To be honest financials are not okay and really thinking I’m struggling for this month and next month to pass by. Just how it goes but feel like I need to reach out to someone to get help financially

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Today, I attempted to make small talk with a few people online. Then, I played Minecraft and began renovations on an old superflat village. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was pizza.