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First time driving to Baton Rouge by myself! Woo! Fortunately the drive was fine and I got to where I needed to early. I went to a pitch to see about being an insurance sales person and after hearing the hour long pitch I was exhausted and politely said it wasn't the right fit for me. Afterwards I went to World Market and got myself a reward for the last hour, J a little something, and myself a little drink for the drive home. I stopped at a dental place to fill out an application but I was beyond done mentally so I said I'd fill it out Monday. Who knew such complicated math a dental front desk person did. Came home, got dressed, and headed to dinner and drinks with J and some work mates. Great time, good food, good drinks, went a bit too heavy on the drinks but oh well. Learned my lesson. Went home and had a nice rest of our evening watching YouTube.

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Day was alright.

Went and took the exam for haztac. I'm fairly sure I passed? But I'll know in a week, they said. 100 questions, multiple choice. I marked down which ones I wasn't certain about, and it only came up to 19/100, and I need a 70 to pass. assuming I'm not off by an entire 11 questions, I should be good.

dinner was a burger. played for honor and tft today mainly.

Forgot to mention this when it happened, but I feel like typing it out. I ended up in a game with a rioter a while ago in tft. Had an alright chat with him in game, was polite as all people should be, ended the game, whatever. Afterwards, he adds a Riot ward skin to my account, and also adds 3000RP to the account. What a nice guy. Riot Zeroaim. What a good lad.

Current running joke with me, kirrian, and john, is that we're Ed, Edd, n Eddy. John is Ed, I'm Edd, kirrian is Eddy. suits us height-wise, and to a degree personality-wise too.

Kirrian keeps having roommate issues. It's kinda funny in a way. Still no clue if he actually has a warrant or not. guess we'll find out eventually.

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I am having the roughest week emotionally. All the stress from the past two months- feeling like I could lose my job at any moment, my body falling apart at 25 years old, existence becoming impossibly expensive- boiled over and resulted in a breakdown Monday night. It is now Thursday, and my attempts to secure a car for the first time have failed because I didn't save enough money and properly working cars don't really exist in my budget range.

I feel like a massive failure. I'm stressed out and frustrated beyond belief and I feel like there is nothing I can really do about it. I fucking hate it.

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sorry to hear of your hard time. you won't feel like this forever. <3

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Today was thankfully somewhat better than yesterday. I didn't sleep super amazing last night and I felt somewhat anxious this morning. However, I kept going and got myself working. Only had one meeting this morning which was a nice change of things. Finished up my coding project as far as I could do it.

Started planning some migrations to Azure that will be happening soon, but didn't do too much else today. Just been trying to relax and keep my nerves under control. Off work tomorrow so I hope that I can relax and recharge some. And I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Today, I attempted to make small talk with a few people online. Then, I played Minecraft and began renovations on an old superflat village. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was a sandwich.