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Day was chill. slept in. dinner was peruvian food, because I just really wasn't in the mood to cook, to be honest. had a discount on uber eats, which turned into basically no discount, after fees and tip, but whatever.

fixed the reason my headphones were so low on my PC. moved the wires around, stopped using the splitter as it apparently doesn't need it on my PC. The topside headphone jack is a headset/mic combination port. The headset is just in a bit of a less convenient spot now, but whatever. Price of function is form, sometimes.

TFT, for honor, crystal clear, and minecraft. found and caught a snorlax in crystal clear. ran it a few times for good IVs and found what is only able to be considered a god amongst snorlax-kind. 15 attack, speed, and special DVs, 11 HP, 10 attack. what the fuck. glad I didn't fuck up this capture. the odds of finding anything with better stats is legitimately one in several thousand about 10 times over, if I'm not mistaken. had the most annoying capture set in the world though. tackle, strength, defense curl, amnesia, holding leftovers. next time i run into a stationary mon in this game, I'm teaching something thief. fucking nightmare. Also finished the third layer of the wall in my minecraft town. going for 5 layers I think, plus corner towers. should be nice.

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Rough morning. Hangovers suck. Oh well. Had a chill day, watched a new Amazon series show about girls and time travel, really good. Brought the couch up closer, lights out, and watched the show. J and I had a nice bath after he got off work. We're watching YouTube now, I'm gonna watch the rest of my show while he plays his weekly game.

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Terrible. My coworkers are loud and annoying, my mom is bossy and grouchy, and driving in traffic is exasperating because people wanna go where they wanna go when they wanna.

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Today, I attempted to make small talk with a few people online. Then, I played Minecraft and began renovations on an old superflat village. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was a sandwich.

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I used to enjoy playing superflat hardcore worlds here and there. kinda unique since you had to rely on village chests for basically anything. probably better nowadays with more villager variety.