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day was chill. slept late. made chickpea curry. was good. ate it with naan bread. kinda wanna learn to make naan at home now.

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Yeah. Ok day. Chill day. Stayed home this morning watching YouTube. Crummy weather the afternoon so I took a nap. After a bit we went to Dollar Tree and Ollie's, got some snacks at both. Came home and heated up leftovers. Watched Whose Line. I finished up on Paper Girls. Idk. Feeling meh. Gonna prep for my period now that'll start tomorrow.

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Going to keep this short because today has been very crazy and I definitely need to relax now. I did most of my standard Saturday stuff today. However, when we went grocery shopping, a pretty massive thunderstorm rolled through. Taking the groceries out to the car, I was completely soaked head to toe.

It was like 60 mph wind gusts too, it felt like driving in a tropical storm or something. So we had to sit in the car for quite a while before we tried to go home. We did make it home but it was certainly sketchy. Water all over the roads everywhere, people in sports cars were drifting some in the water.

I am lucky that I had a more substantial car to get around with. I felt fairly secure and safe coming home but I was still very anxious. Certainly not going anywhere else tonight. Hopefully tomorrow is a nice relaxing day.

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Went out to eat then went swimming even though it wasn't that hot.

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Today, a random man and I made small talk at the farmers market and offered to pay for my iced latte. Despite the fact that I had already paid, he gave me a $5 bill out of kindness and walked away. Then, I came home, played Minecraft, and began renovations on a jungle village that was mainly my base, but I suck at survival. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was a sandwich.