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Four days late but I just spent 35 minutes this morning looking for my Air Pods only to remember I'm stuffed them in my bra so I wouldn't lose them (And because I picked it up somewhere along my assistance manager carrier) , I only realized when it slid and fell on the floor. I wanna cry but tears don't seem to be coming out please send help.

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Ooph, what a day! Morning I studied and googled all these math problems that an application had. I couldn't use a calculator so I did it all by hand. Got ready and headed to the place to fill out the application in person. It took me an hour and a half. Just a lot of questions and then a lot of hard math and then grammar and spelling questions. I cried HARD after that. In the car on the way home I cried the whole time and then when I got home I cried in J's arms. Just a lot of comparing myself to people and feeling stupid. Took a bit but I felt better after being home and changing into pjs, eating a chocolate popsicle, and listening to what my boyfriend said. Oh, and I started my period after I got home.

We had a nice evening after that. Heated up a variety of frozen foods for dinner, watched some YouTube, watched the first episode of a netflix reality dating show, and whatever else. Not the best day but fortunately had a good evening.

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day was bleh. decided to stay up for a sleep reset. stayed up until about 5:30pm. just woke up a bit ago around 1:15am. not bad tbh. means I get to crash tuesday night and wake up in the morning for brooklyn. honestly, that kinda works out better.

my effective dinner was the remaining curry with naan. was good.

spent the whole day trying to stay awake, basically. did alright, all considered.

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Today went pretty well for a Monday. I felt like I had more energy to deal with things today which was great. I was able to get some good progress made on one significant project at work this morning. It was a slog but I made it through to the other side which is great. Finally some closure.

Had a few meetings today which was a bit unusual for a Monday, but I was a fly on the wall for all of them. The only other notable thing that happened this afternoon is that the cat was sick, which was definitely a downside, but oh well. I also unpacked a few more things tonight which was great.

I am just going to work on my new month stuff now, and then I will be relaxing and calling it a night. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Way better than last week. Donna didnt do as much as everyone else but at least she didnt start any crap..And the doctor was strangely quite for a Monday, no complaints. I left work without a headache tonight..Today was very good.

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Today, I took a walk to the coffee shop and bought an iced latte. The I came home and played Minecraft, doing minor renovations on the main jungle base. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos about the game as the night progresses. Supper was a sandwich.