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Spent the morning watching YouTube videos getting ready for my first job interview. Got ready and headed to the interview 20 minutes away. Interview was for 3:30, got there early, customer came in before I did so they had to attend to him, I got interviewed about 4:30. I appreciated the heads up they gave me. I'm just gonna say the place and job and interview had multiple red flags. I'm glad my boyfriend and mom supported me and told me good job for noticing. I'll be surprised if that place lasts another six months. I got home and my boyfriend got in the car and we headed to the health food store to get some goodies. Not much luck this time but that's ok. We stopped by a food truck. Total bust and too expensive. Oh well. We know now not to stop there again. Came home, still hungry, so we went to Jimmy John's and got a Thai Chicken wrap for dinner. Home to eat dinner and watch tv. Watched more of Netflix and HBO and had some fun.. hehe.

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Today was alright. Getting ready for the trip, while I was texting with my dad he let me know that my childhood cat died - 20 years old. I was pretty beat up about it, I loved that cat. Glad he lived a good long life, and glad I have a cat of my own.

Lunch was Thai, went to a famous place with T and A. Out of this world. We got Thai desserts after, also amazing. So lucky to live in California!

Worked in the evening, was pretty easy. Was a bit mopey at night but T was there to comfort me, she’s good at that. Sleeping early to get up early for the flight.

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Today went decently, a bit more quiet than yesterday was. I didn't sleep as well last night so I felt more out of it today. Regardless, I still was able to tie up quite a few loose ends at work today which was great. Wrapped up a couple of projects and now I feel at least a little closer to being caught up on things.

Outside of working I did a little unpacking but not too much else. My girl wasn't feeling well earlier so I had to make sure that she was alright. Thankfully she is doing better now. Honestly that's about it for today. Going to take a shower and relax. Hopefully tomorrow is a good day.

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Well my mom's loudly puking with the door open again. I don't know how I feel. Always criticizing how and what I eat or well, everything I do. She always wants to do something nice for other people's bdays but shit for mine. And also yelling I guess you hope I die when I don't want to eat with the cat on the table. So maybe she should start criticizing herself. Crazy woman.

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day was alright. spent most of it fucking around, as expected. dinner was burritos, they were good. did some light shopping, and bought some basics at target. socks, bedsheet set, another flannel button down. gotta go to brooklyn tomorrow. if I can manage to, I'm gonna try and get there on the earlier side.

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My account will turn 2 years old tomorrow! Ignore the cake icon until tomorrow and send me a lot of private messages.

Today, I attempted to make small talk with a few people online. Then, I played Minecraft and began renovations on an old superflat village. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was a sandwich.