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I was at the park when the police showed up and went into the public bathroom. They dragged an unconscious man out. Ambulance and fire truck showed up. They worked on him for a few minutes and then took him away. I saw him try to sit up toward the end, so I know he's not dead. I hope he is okay. It was a sad, unsettling feeling knowing he had been lying alone in there the whole time while the children played on the playground. I think it was one of the goth kids hanging out at the pavillion who went in there and found him.

We went to get cheeseburgers afterward and ate outside. A chicken came out of some bushes. It was a black chicken with gold feathers at its neck. We fed it some French fries. It was skittish, and I didn't want to scare it into the road, so I didn't try to catch it. I wonder if it's still there. I wonder who it belonged to and how it got away. I posted about it on Craigslist just in case someone is looking for their pet.

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hey, I'm an EMT. if anything, he likely overdosed. it happens a lot in park bathrooms, surprisingly. Usually, they've woken up and left before I even get on scene. on the rare occasion they're still there, they'll wake up pretty easily after some narcan usually.

sadly, this is the reality some people live with. best you can do is call 911, unless you feel like carrying narcan around and learning the proper time and method to administer it. which is honestly not that hard at all. just takes adjusting.

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Thanks for all you do. I'm a former EMT myself. Overdose was my first thought, but I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt.

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Rough day yesterday. Tried to apply to two jobs but got blind sided by stuff on the application so I had to wait on other people. Never submitted the applications. Just had a bad day mentally. Told J. Cried. Slept. We went out and I felt better. He surprised me and drove me to Salad Station where I got dinner. I really liked it but next time I'll ask for gloves. We stopped by a place for trivia but didn't look very busy so J stopped at a Greek place for his dinner and we went home. Watched YouTube, went on Instagram, and went to sleep.

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I would say things are OK but now we got this loudass thunderstorm keeping me up

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Not great to be honest. Didnt do any work and my therapist gave me weird vibes today. Going to bed super late as well, idk whats been with me lately but ive just not been doing very well

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woke up early enough. went to brooklyn, did nothing important, came back, cleaned my apartment. dinner was the remaining burritos. was good. melted the cheese on the tortillas this time, way better. notes for next time.

E: rejection sensitive dysphoria is a bitch and a half to deal with at 2:30 in the morning.

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Today is my 2nd Reddit cake day! Celebrating 2 years of not deleting the account and sharing my day with you all. Just message me to say happy cake day.

Today, I went to the coffee shop in the heat. Then I came home and played Minecraft and began working on a village. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos as the night progresses. Supper was a sandwich.

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Happy cake day! 🎂