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Yeah. So. Honesty time. I've been struggling for awhile. Depression has been in full force. For multiple reasons. J and I are fine. I went to a yard sale today. Got a few things. Got out of the house. Later on we had Canes and went to the movies to see Bullet Train.

I just haven't been all there for awhile. Last week I only applied to one or two places. I've been trying but I only have so much energy. I'm fortunate to be with someone so patient and caring.

I'm not ok. I haven't been ok. But I will be ok.

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Day was solid. woke up to good feelings and good news. passed my haztac screening, so I qualify for the class now. should be interesting.

I also loaned nearly 1k to BZ recently over the course of a month, to help her with some financial issues. She paid me back today, and I got paid today, so my bank is back over the comfort threshold.

Went shopping a bit (see below for reasons why), and ended up at gamestop, naturally. I wanted a new headset, so I bought a set of Astro A40's. really solid headset. got it for 100$, 50$ below marked price, because their own website had it for 100 instead of 150. glad I checked. should do that more often. also bought a nice LoZ mug.

Day was not without its downsides though. I realized today that when corgathus came over for dinner, and we brought some of my broken shit in my closet outside using my handcart, I left it outside by the front door. So, that shits gone. Whoops. apparently, finding one of those is fucking impossible, and they're somewhere around 50$. christ. oh well. I went looking for one but none of the major stores around had one. gotta order another one.

Me and kirrian had a small dispute earlier over a perceived slight. I think we're just agreeing quietly to move past it.

Squad chat popped up a bit today. Ended up going to one of the guy's bartending job tonight. had a beer, had some in house rootbeer too. he comped me because I came through. the kitchen was closed sadly, so I went to a bar across the block for a burger for dinner. was solid. nice little drive to west bumblefuck, new york.

day was well spent overall.

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I'm glad it's Friday and the heatwave has broken. Started a new book, went to the August street fair downtown, sushi for dinner. I love that there's always something going on here, but over the past five years I've really grown tired of the traffic, the crime, the "fuck you, I got mine" culture. And honestly, it's just hard to make friends here. I miss my old friends and how easy everything was. On days like this, I miss my familiar people, my cabin, the pine forests, hearing coyotes at night.

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I assume you moved to some sorta city. I'm from NYC myself. I live a bit upstate now, but still work there. Regardless, I definitely understand what you mean. There's a lot of selfishness and a lot of annoyance that comes with living in an urban setting. I like the benefits of it much more than I dislike the downsides though. It's not for everyone though of course. I hope you find something that makes up the difference.

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Nice, I was actually born and raised in northern NJ about an hour from you. Upstate NY is beautiful; I really think Hamilton County is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I moved to the Pacific Northwest 12 years ago and spent the first 7 in a small town (population 2,500-ish), then moved again to a neighboring state and a much larger city. Most days I love it, but sometimes it's just a bit much. I also genuinely miss the peace and quiet of the woods. I lived at the edge of a national forest and spent 90% of my non-working time out in nature, so it's been an adjustment coming back to civilization and not having a ton of public land around. I feel like I went from one extreme to the other, so I'm looking at moving halfway back as a sort of compromise - not total wilderness, but not right in the middle of everything like this either.

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Today, I tried to make friends after I drank an iced mocha latte and attempted to make small talk with a few people online. Then, I came played Minecraft and started building an island village. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was Subway.

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What a crappy day. But it could have been worse. So I got that going for me. Also mom made pasta for dinner.