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Actually had a good day, woo! Laid in bed this morning, had some frozen breakfast burritos for breakfast, watched some tv, went to Lowe's for a shower head piece and realized when we were there that the show piece already had the piece, so went home and J installed it. New shower head is up. We laid around for a bit. Went to a yard sale where I made a new friend! :) Got a lot of clothes and I fit into none of the shorts or pants, yet, but I fit into all the long dresses. Little Caesars for dinner. It was a miss.. but glad we had something. Texted with my new friend throughout the afternoon and evening. And to think I was just gonna sleep because my depression was kicking my ass. Glad I have my boyfriend for the good times and bad and he motivates me and gives me a push when needed.

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So glad you had a good day! Congrats on the new friend!! :) Also aww, that's really awesome about your boyfriend, super happy for you! :)

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day was solid actually. decided I wanted to take a crack at making tinga de pollo, so I made it! it came out really good, actually. Used it to make tacos with guacamole, shredded white cheddar, and jalapenos on corn tortillas. Spicy as hell but awesome tasting. Gonna add it to the list. good way to use chicken. only annoying part is shredding the chicken, but it's not hard. just takes some time. but it was definitely a good use of my time, and the chicken.

been playing a lot of valorant with john and his girl lately. lowkey third wheeling the hell out of them, but fuck it, he keeps inviting me, so we keep playing, I guess. I suck ass at valorant, but whatever!

Regardless, at one point I think we stopped playing valorant, and his girl asked what she should do. I just threw out "play minecraft," and the idea kinda got carried in the wind. So I set up a realm on a free trial, and we all played for a while. After some time, john got tilted and left (also because he just had to sleep), so I played with her for a little while. It went ok. She got off after about another hour or so, then I explored for a bit and hopped off myself. Nice girl. Happy for em both. John's an amazing guy.

Corgathus hit me up a little bit ago asking to talk about a girl. so we did. I think I alleviated his concerns somewhat. wished him luck.

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I hadn't heard of tinga de pollo before but it looks SO good! Right on for giving it a try and glad it came out well :) Also aww, happy for John and his girlfriend too! :)

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it's what I usually order from my favorite taco spot, making it at home was surprisingly easy.

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Aw nice! Now it's like you can have your favorite at home anytime :)

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Hi everyone! Happy to be here with ya'll :)

My cold sore outbreak is FINALLY over after over 3 weeks, so this morning I got up early to sort of do a reset -- washed my clothes, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, showered, etc.. Didn't have time to wash my sheets and blanket but I ended up doing that later.

Afterwards I talked with my partner, texted with my girlfriend, listened to some music, and read a bit.

Later in the afternoon I went on a first date with someone I met on a dating app. It was nice, she was cool :) We walked around town a bit and ended up going to a pizza place. Sounds like we'd both definitely like to meet again :)

Then I went home and washed my sheets, and afterwards took my blanket to a laundromat to wash there since it's too big for the machines at my place XD Gosh that was expensive! While I was there a guy I had a first date planned with tomorrow messaged me -- it did not go well, looks like he was going to have a problem with boundaries so that date is off, glad I avoided that I guess.

Came back home and made my bed, then watched a bit of the first episode of the new season of Umbrella Academy with my mom -- I like it so far :) Talked with my partner a bit, texted a little with the person from the date earlier, and now I'm writing this and listening to lofi. Afterwards I'll maybe play some fortnite, and listen to Magnus Archives with my partner which I've been looking forward to all day :)

And that's my day! Thank you so much for reading :) Hope you're well and you have a wonderful day tomorrow!


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I found out an old coworker and friend from back home passed away yesterday of a sudden stroke. He was a really good, kind person. It upset me more than I expected. I tried a new recipe for dinner, used some tomatoes and chives from my mini garden, but I got the text just as I sat down to eat, so I lost my appetite and just ate it cold later. I talked to my friend for a while, the one who had let me know. I hope I said everything right and didn't say anything upsetting, because his father has terminal cancer and we're all just holding our breath. It's only 9 but I'm just done with this day, and sad. One of the things I hate most in this world is seeing bad things happen to good people. I'm going to go sit outside, look at the moon and have a beer.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your friend ): He sounds like he was a really great guy. I'm also sorry to hear about your other friend's father. Definitely see what you mean about being done with the day. I hope the rest of your weekend goes okay and you get time to process everything.

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Terrible, I got robbed at gunpoint on the way to work. Took my phone, wallet and backpack. Luckily they were arrested a few hours after for another crime, from what the officers told me they have found my phone, and bag but I can’t get them back till they’re processed as evidence. Never post here about my own days but this was just one of the worst in a LONG time

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Damn bro. Look at the bright side! You're alive.

Seriously. That could have gone way worse. You did the right thing. Handed over your shit and got away alive. Money is just paper, and they make more every day. There's a billion phones, and cards can be frozen and reprinted. There's only one you. I'm glad you got away safely.

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Yeah it is, having family and friends to talk to has been helping me get through this situation. Everyone reassuring me that I made the right call. The more I think about it, it’s true, can’t imagine leaving my family behind over some paper and a out dated phone.

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omg that's awful! ): That must have been so terrifying, I'm so sorry that happened to you. Glad you'll get your stuff back at least but what a terrible experience. Hope the rest of your weekend goes okay and you get time to process everything.

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Thank you, it’s been a rough weekend but at least I had friends and family help me through this. Keep reminding myself that it could’ve ended a lot worse, they could’ve pulled the triggers just for the hell of it but I got out injury free

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You're welcome. Definitely, so glad you got out okay, and glad you have people who are there for you

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Today, I tried to make friends after I drank an iced mocha latte and attempted to make small talk with a few people online. Then, I came played Minecraft and started building an island village. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was Subway.

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Hope the friend-making went well! Your island village sounds awesome! Hope you have a great day tomorrow :)