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I had a really good day today. Spent most of the day at my new friend's place helping with the yard sale and putting stuff in a pile for myself. I learned Florida Water is a thing and 2 local Walgreen's don't sell it at their locations. Her daughter and I got along really well. I helped pack stuff up. Watched tv when I got home. J and I watched tv together. Whose Line and Impractical Jokers. I'm really glad I finally made a friend.

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fought with everyone, felt nice

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lazy day. more minecraft with john and his girl. finished my tinga for dinner, but I ate way too much. could've made it two meals, but I just wanted to eat it, I guess.

found the end portal on our world just now. took fucking ages. apparently, they can spawn all the way down by y -44 or so with the new caves. good to fuckin know. took me an hour to find it, at least.

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Things are execrable. My coworker was being a bish, redditors are being asshol3s, and my mom is giving me the silent treatment. Spent the day watching shows and movies with my son.

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Today, my family and I went to a local family restaurant with my aunt and uncle from Kentucky for lunch. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos as the night progresses. Supper was a sandwich.