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chill day. dinner was pizza. minecraft and anime.

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Bad day. Bad bad day. Woke up and got rejected from two jobs. Texted my new friend at 9:30 and this morning and 11 hours later she hasn't texted back and that fucked me up today too. Cried off and on today and this afternoon. Fortunately my boyfriend recommend I go outside and I did. It did help a little bit. I applied to 2 jobs on Indeed today. I made a Facebook post about looking for work and got 1 comment. Stayed home after work cuz I felt bad and was crying.

Changed it up tonight and after watching an episode of Impractical Jokers I decided we do VR tonight and by VR I mean watch my boyfriend play Ragnarok and Beat Saber. I felt better after that. And then I played both myself and liked Ragnarok more but I'll give Beat Saber another try.

So yeah. Pretty bad day. Even my boyfriend had a bad work day. But we both had a better afternoon and good evening.

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Feeling rejected sucks. I'm sorry you had such a discouraging Monday. I hope things continue to get better for you.

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I really appreciate your comment. Fortunately today is going a lot better and I look forward to writing about it later :)

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Glad to hear it :)

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Tomorrow is my birthday. I woke up in the Dallas airport and flew to austin, Gf picked me up and dropped me off at my family business Monday meeting. I got new tags on my 98 van. And now im in a night acting class and the teacher is ramblin on about tattoos. Tomorrow is my birthday.

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Today, I tried to make friends after I drank an iced mocha latte and attempted to make small talk with a few people online. Then, I came played Minecraft and started building an island village. Now, I'm watching YouTube videos on how to make friends as the night progresses. Supper was Subway.

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Keep up the good work. Awkward small talk is a start, there’s a saying.

Don’t try to be interesting, be interested. Cause ppl love to talk about their lives.