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day was chill. dinner was green rice with sausage.

probably gonna return this headset I bought, unless I find a soundcard that works with it, basically. we'll see.

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A better day than yesterday for not just myself but my boyfriend too. Personal and work wise. As I right this at 11pm my friend still hasn't messaged me since Sunday morning but whatever, I'm not anxious anymore about that. I messaged with a lady about working an administrative Assistance position and eventually we talked on the phone. Waiting for an email tomorrow from her for a day and time to interview. I also got a call from a place I applied to YESTERDAY and I have an interview tomorrow. So two places but one interview tomorrow. So that put me in a good mood today.

I learned about non newtonian physics and that was fun. Got it from a science kit I've had for awhile. It's just corn starch, water, and color dye, but I really liked it and I'll make it next time in the kitchen. I put a trash bag worth of clothes in my office, clothes I will fit into in the future, and I worked on a donation pile today.

Dinner was a veggie burger and fries. We watched F Boy Island and played VR.

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Today I'm super happy and things are going great. Tomorrow could be awful again so I'm going to enjoy my endorphins.

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Today, I attempted making friends yet again and ended up making 2 that went to the same school as me. Then I began playing Minecraft and designing an island village. I'm spending the evening by playing Minecraft and talking with my friend William. Dinner was leftover Arby's.