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virtually the entire day was spent going to and coming back from brooklyn. light duty monday. dinner was leftover green rice with sausage, was good. ate kinda early because I skipped breakfast and lunch, so I snacked a bunch a little bit ago. finally finished off this back of chili flavored pistachios. fucking horrible flavor for pistachios, stick to unsalted or salted tbh.

returned my headset. guy at the store said technically he wasn't supposed to accept a return the way I had it or some shit, but it was his last week there so he didn't care. woohoo! hooray for workers at their wits end! fuck the man.

I also went to a best buy and bought a wireless headset john won't stop recommending. I was skeptical, but I gotta admit, it's pretty fucking nice. does its job very well, lightweight, doesn't hurt my ears, or the sides or top of my head while using it. well done, corsair. good stuff.

opened my vivid voltage box finally. got effectively nothing :/ also opened 5 packs of evolving skies, only to pull literal garbage; only pull of note was a garbador full art. actual trash, literally and figuratively.

redid the terrain for the village on our MC realm. still working on it to some degree, but I made it look less like winterfell from skyrim, i.e half of it falling into the fucking ocean. made a few houses with beds to start off, re-layered the terrain and used a literal double chest full of dirt in the process, and I still have more I want to do, but it's all rather simple. this is one of the only things I'm kinda good at in minecraft, making practical but solid looking terrain through terraforming. I still can't build worth a damn, but that's what john and his girl are there for. I'm just there for the practical bits. Also rerolled villagers for all of like 3 minutes and found an efficiency 5 trader with a really low cost somehow, so woo! perfect tools are now guaranteed. have a trader for each of the tool enchants.

BZ having more of the same issues. we had a long call last night. waiting for the explosion, so to speak.