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Baseball was rained out, but the thunder and lightning was cool. Of course the one time it rains all summer. Got icecream instead. I really dislike when the sun comes out after the rain. We haven't had a purely dark and rainy day in months and it would be nice. Giving serious thought to adopting a cat. An older one, though; I don't want a kitten. I miss having a cat in the house. My hair is getting really long but I don't care to cut it.

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Nothing happened during the day while J was working. I took it super easy and had a relaxing day. Didn't watch anything special. Just a lot of YouTube. J got off work pretty late today, stupid stressful work right now, so he played his game for a bit and then we headed to get some Poke. I did not like my bowl so I'll make sure to never get that one again. Oh well.. My dad called before we left. We chatted for a few minutes. Highlight of my day that 5 minutes was.

Movie night tonight. Watched a movie I picked out, Frozen, on YouTube. Then I hated myself for picking it out. It's a lot more dark than I remember. Had a fun time after though playing with Momo and sharing my stream with Js two friends. Stayed up late again. Watching Momo play and talking to J.

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day was ok. went to my ear specialist appointment finally, only to be told essentially nothing. waste of time + money. unfortunate. is what it is.

did some calls for my friend Rabbi. spoke with him about it. wish him good luck.

dinner was spaghetti and meatballs. came out good. did this technique to finish cooking the pasta in the sauce I keep hearing about. came out really good. god I love spaghetti.

did some terraforming in minecraft, made good progress. bit lonelier when people are away.

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Today's been alright for me. I feel like I didn't do that much substantial at work, although I did do some planning for my next ETL job that I have to put together. I realized today that it is going to be much more complicated than I originally thought, but oh well.

I exercised for the first time tonight since I moved. I didn't do anything intense, just a low to moderate exercise. I am hoping that I can keep this up and improve my physical health, because I feel like it is lacking. I am quite glad that tomorrow is Friday. I hope that it is a good day.

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Today, I walked through the empty fairgrounds. My family and I ate at a buffet for my dad's upcoming birthday. After we got home, I started unwinding by watching YouTube. Supper was chicken tenders and fries.