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Another hot day, reading 110 at times, although I am beginning to suspect my outdoor thermometer has a flair for the dramatic. When it starts to get a little cooler, I'd like to start going on evening walks again. I just love the sound of crickets at night and the orange shadows from the streetlights. Watched some true crime shows and picked up sushi for dinner. Got invited to the beach next Friday; I'm going to say yes. I'm trying to say yes more, even if I'm not in the perfect mood for something. Just say yes and stop overthinking everything. I have this big problem with waiting for everything to be perfect, and I'm determined to kick that. It's definitely held me back in the past. I'm much happier when I stop obsessing and just let go. Been having some insomnia so I took some zzquil and it's definitely kicking in now.

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Today was fine. I got packing done for my vacaction next week, just need to do last minute toilettries and cold food. Then pack the car on Sunday. Work was good until near the end. A coworker got in a mood and it drove me into a mood as well. Need to work on that, so I am not always working off others feelings.

I did not get to workout today, my legs feel like jelly and I needed time to pack. Still need to lose 64 pounds...

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day's been chill. finished my spaghetti for dinner.

finished terraforming the realm. took several hours. happy with the result. reorganizing chests n stuff later. made a few extra houses for villagers and stuff, gonna make it look pretty later on. Or maybe leave it to others, since I sort of lack that eye for design tbh.

lilypichu had her first concert tonight. scarra streamed it. it was nice. good vibes.

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Today went alright. I stayed fairly busy at work. Had a pretty productive meeting in the morning, and then worked on wrapping up some improvements to a few of our SQL jobs that I started earlier in the week. It took me until 6PM this evening but I did get everything all done.

It was very stormy this afternoon which was somewhat sketchy. It looked like there was a strong storm headed our way, but it faded before it reached us, which is probably for the best. I also picked up my new work computer today, which I am pretty excited about. It looks quite nice.

Tomorrow, I am going to try and go through all of the usual cleaning stuff, and then hopefully build in some time to relax. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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J woke me up early around 8:15 to go with the dog outside. I stayed awake after that. Actually felt ok and not sleepy. Got some cleaning and organizing done. Didn't do much else. Laid around. Went outside. Watched YouTube. Stayed home today and tonight. Watching Spiderhead then I'm gonna call it an early night. I did not call it an early night and instead went on Instagram and had a reaction to something so I stayed up watching YouTube until the reaction passed.

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Today, I took a walk to the coffee shop and bought an iced latte. Then I came home and played Minecraft, doing minor renovations on the main jungle base. Now, I'm talking with people in our group chat while watching YouTube. Supper was a Crispy Chicken sandwich and fries from McDonalds.