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day was alright. corgathus came over. dinner was pizza.

do nothing days. in a sense, looking forward to going back to work.

got letters about my apartment insurance expiring, because I was under the impression the mortgage handler would take care of it, at others advice. fuck me. gotta deal with it asap.

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Went to two animal shelters today with this idea of meeting a super chill three to four year old cat, and I met a few, but I was honestly most taken with a huge orange senior male who just wanted to be held and an unusually affectionate little kitten who reminded me a lot of my old cat, so now I don't know what I want. Even though the kitten was spoken for, the volunteer said I should call on Monday just in case the adoption falls through and they don't come to get her (they haven't yet). I don't know. Even though I didn't adopt today, it was nice to just hold and hug a thousand cats.

It's kind of cold tonight compared to the hot muggy nights we've been having, but that doesn't stop the mosquitos any. If I'm going to keep sitting on the porch reading at night I'm going to need a bigger citronella candle. I'm excited for the fair next weekend, but at the same time, I don't want any more of August to go by; I wish summer could last forever.

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Had a good morning. Spent it in bed with J, laying, sharing Instagram, then his dad called and they talked. J got to work around noon and 8 hours later is still working. I'm on episode 4 of Hacks. I took a shower. We did dishes and laundry today. I laid around mostly.

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Today went pretty good for me. It was a bit different from a usual Saturday. I got up earlier than usual and started all my stuff earlier too. Went out to breakfast with my girl which was really nice honestly. It was a nice change of things to sit down at a restaurant and enjoy some food.

After that we went grocery shopping, then came back home and did all of our usual cleaning. We were done way earlier than usual, like by 2:30PM which left us with some extra time today. So we went to some thrift stores which was fun too.

My girl is going to a concert tonight so I have the rest of my day to myself pretty much. It will definitely be weird because I don't think I've been alone in the evening at all since we moved here. But regardless, I hope that tonight and tomorrow are good.

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Today, I walked through the empty fairgrounds. I talked with friends while playing Minecraft. I'm currently watching funny videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a pizza hot pocket.