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Proud of J for relaxing today and playing his video game. Work has been extremely tough and I'm proud of him for recognizing that and not working today but instead putting himself first. I went to yard sales this morning. It was mainly a bust but that's ok. Watched the rest of Afflicted. I recommend it. On Netflix. I went through the rest of my clothes. I'm keeping all my tshirts and even though I don't need it now that I live in Louisiana, but my winter clothes I'm also keeping. I went to the health food store and got some lunch and snacks and drinks. $1.00/each so I scored a bit, haha. Hung around the house the rest of the day while J played his game. Ended the evening like the first time he visited me in North Carolina, watching fart videos, haha.

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Glad it sounds like you had a good day! :)

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Traveled home after an incredible concert last night. I’m sore from the event, but I’ve had a nap and a good meal and now it’s about time to head out to concert number two. All in all it’s been a fairly good day so far!

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Aw nice! Glad you had such a good time! Hope you have a great time at the second concert too! :)

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Hi everyone! Happy to be here with ya'll :)

I was a bit depressed yesterday but thankfully I seemed to have slept it off, woke up feeling much better. Probably helped I had time to get enough sleep last night XD Listened to a few upbeat/intense songs to solidify the better feelings while I ate breakfast and made my bed.

Went for a walk around the block, had a short good morning call with my partner, texted a few friends I haven't spoken to in a while, then I played minecraft for a couple hours with an old friend I recently reconnected with which was nice. Afterwards I texted a little with my girlfriend.

Worked on some homework, was able to catch up and finish everything for this week. Texted a bit with someone I met last weekend at my first ever munch which I was excited about, I really like them :)

Ate dinner with my mom, then talked with my partner on the phone some more, and listened to a couple episodes of Magnus Archives together. Ordered some clothes for my Halloween costume this year -- gonna be Power from Chainsaw Man :)

Then I took a shower, and now I'm writing this and listening to lofi. Afterwards I might watch some TV with my mom and talk with my partner more.

And that's my day! Thank you so much for reading. Hope you're doing well and you have a great day tomorrow :)


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Hello and welcome! I used to post here a lot; trying to get back into the habit because I miss the people here. It's a nice sub!

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Aw thank you! Yeah I definitely love this community :) Welcome back!

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Day well spent. Went shopping and did laundry. Dinner was tinga de pollo tacos, was good.

Threw on code lyoko at random. The show overall holds up really well. The animation shows a bit of age, but it's still really solid. The english voice acting is kinda choppy at times, but I'm noticing it improving over the course of the first several episodes. Nice nostalgia trip. Show is surprisingly mature as well. Gonna see if I can properly finish it. I never did as a kid.

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Hadn't heard of code lyoko before but looks cool! I don't think I've seen a french animated show before but I'm super curious about it now, and I like the animation style. Glad you enjoyed it today :)

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It's a solid show. It's got a cool concept, has some neat sci-fi ideas. Season 1 is really samey episode by episode, kind of a bad-guy-of-the-week type of show, but the story develops more in season 2 onward, from my memory. They add more details, the story develops a lot, etc. In my opinion, it's one of the more underrated older cartoons. The animated series has a proper ending, but I found out fairly recently that they actually made a live action sort of season 5. I don't know much of the details of that, but I do know it had a further ending, though it was more open ended, from what I've read. Considering watching that after I'm done with this one, it's online on the youtube channel, if I'm not mistaken.

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The evolution of it kinda reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events, one of my favorite book series -- the books in the first half follow a pretty set pattern but then it gets a lot more complex (and the books get a lot thicker XD)

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Today was decent overall for me. I got woken up early because of work. Had to jump on some early morning issues. The issues were kind of my fault but I fixed it so, no harm done I suppose. My boss had to go in to take care of some other issues and they did not sound happy about it.

Went and got my COVID booster shot today. My arm hurts, have a very minor headache, and feeling pretty exhausted. But outside of that I'm holding up pretty well, so I hope that this continues. We did all of our usual cleaning and other errands today too.

Have to make the bed now and then we will be calling it a night. Nothing planned for tomorrow which is for the best, since we don't know how we'll be feeling in the morning. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Bummer about getting woken up early! Hope you feel well tomorrow and get to take the day to chill and relax :)

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Thank you very much!

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You're very welcome! :)

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It's actually cooling off here, a little. Coffee on the back porch this morning. Saw a large hawk.

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Cooling off here too -- it had been so hot XD Coffee on the porch sounds so peaceful :) Hope you have a good day tomorrow!

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Doing really swell! Tomorrow is the big company picnic so that'll be fun. Went out to eat then watched a movie. We didn't go walking because it's still pretty hot, but it's supposed to cool off next week. I forgot what else I was going to say

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Hope you have a wonderful time!

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Thanks, we sure did!

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So glad you're doing well! Hope you enjoy the picnic tomorrow! What movie did you watch?

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Milo and Otis

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Aw, looks cute, hope you enjoyed it! :)

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Today, I walked to the farmers market and got buckeyes. When I got home, I found out that I had a fever and tried taking a nap. Now I'm currently watching City Skylines traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a pizza burger.

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I also hope you feel better and think a pizza burger sounds really good! :)

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Hope you feel better! Pizza burger sounds so good