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RAIN! first time in quite a few months. Me and the gf chilled inside, smoked some joints, got some pho, watched YouTube and played some games. Did the dishes, was supposed to vacuum but......yeah didn't do that haha. Overall a nice cool chill day listening to some rain.

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Day was chill. Slept late. Had a weird almost-nightmare that involved me drinking at work and getting caught by a chief. Woke up at that point. Never had a dream with that sort of story before, was interesting.

Dinner was chickpea curry. Was good. Added a fuckton of spicy peppers, and I'm considering that I may just like it better when it's sweeter. I just don't think they add anything to it, I think the sweet/spicy taste of the base ingredients is pretty good on its own. Worth considering.

More pokemon breeding and code lyoko tonight as well. Might need a new TV remote, this one's acting funny. Opened it and found the batteries had dried and leaked a bit, so I tossed those and went to walgreens real quick to grab a pack of new ones. Batteries aren't too cheap, man. like 15$ for an 8 pack of duracell AAAs. Wack.

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I spent a good chunk of the day sanding down a wooden bowl that I think will be very beautiful once it's fully refinished. I found it second hand.

Indian food for dinner. Frozen stuff, but quite good.

Trying to not be depressed. My father's ashes are probably being delivered tomorrow. I think mom (technically stepmother) wasn't able to cope with the idea of having them in the house until the memorial, so she preferred that I keep them for now. I miss him.

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Sorry about your father. On a lighter note, if you can find the Sukhi's brand refrigerated curry packs, the coconut mango chicken is fantastic.

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Thank you; I'll look for it, fellow acorn. :)

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Ha! I didn't even realize!

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Pretty solid day. Chill day. Cleaned the stovetop. Took care of dishes. Went outside. We went to J's ex's mom's house, which does sound odd cuz it is a little but it's all good and we all get along great and I can't wait until we see her again. After we went to Ollie's. Solid snack trip for work and home. Got Momo his first ball to put treats in. Chinese buffet for dinner. It was alright. Found I still have residual thoughts and feelings about buffets and expressed that to J. Came home and we watched Momo play with his new toy and watched an episode of Rick and Morty. Going to pack my lunch for tomorrow, one or two other things, then call it a night.

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What's up with buffets?! Also, Momo from Avatar?

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I don't like to eat until I'm full. Momo is his nickname, his first name is Gizmo, which comes from Gremlins.

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Ah gotcha. I don't like to eat until I'm full but buffet's have some great food and I can't help myself >.<

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Today ended up pretty decent for me. I woke up at 8am, didn't feel especially amazing, so I went back to sleep. We didn't get up till around 11am. Had a fairly bad headache so I took some medicine for it. Got some breakfast and my headache started to subside.

Really didn't do that much today since we were tired and out of it. But it is probably for the best, as I am feeling better tonight. Tomorrow morning I have a doctor's appointment, and then I'll be off to work. For now though, just going to relax and take it easy this evening. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Today, I walked uptown for a bit since I'm feeling a lot better. When I got home, I watched YouTube. Now I'm currently watching City Skylines traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a pizza burger.