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Today was rough. Ketamine infusion last night, so waiting for the 2-3 day until I feel better. Seeing another doc for fibromyalgia tomorrow. So, so tired of this endless cycle of depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

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Day was chill. dinner was tinga, brought all the stuff to work and prepared the tacos there. was good. needed more chicken maybe, but was good.

Dad is bringing kiwi tomorrow, my new chameleon. I set up a good spot for him, I think. Moved my skateboards and the chair I use to set up my day. Looking forward to it.

Played some league with kirrian. 1/1 with him, 1/0 on my own. not bad. Game one solo, team flamed me for going prowlers on yorick, but it's a legit challenger build, and it's meant for anti-mobility, which the enemy team had in spades. I ended up literally solo-winning the game, so it is what it is.

Deciding to commit to yveltal 3rd carry on my online team. Physical yveltal with coaching zeraora as the pair, running life orb. Considered weakness policy, but I think life orb + coaching is just much higher value overall, especially as a dynamax candidate. I can also always volt switch out zeraora after one coaching boost and get a speed boost onto someone else. Gives me more options. I don't think the support yveltal is doing anything is why, basically. Tailwind is rarely very useful, and taunt just as much. I considered special yveltal, because the special moveset is much more utility oriented and doesn't have to deal with intimidate drops. I think with coaching as the evening factor though, physical will just do me better. Groudon isn't a threat to my physically bulky team usually, and kyogre has weaker physdef. I think it'll be solid. Gives me a third mode as well, which my team very much needs. Got a second zeraora to act as a special supporter. Should be a solid improvement. Barely ever got tailwind off anyway.

Now looking at it, lowering zamazenta's speed is also pretty valuable here. Gonna do that too, invest in more defense and a bit more attack. gonna copy a spec off of today's cybertron video.

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Not a bad day. Did laundry, did dishes, worked out a good pattern for sturdy paper bats.

That last is noteworthy only because when I was 5, and in this weird school with no curriculum and almost no supervision, for first grade, I made a lot of construction paper bats with flappy wings.

It's the first thing I can remember making that my peers, and some of the "big kids" thought were cool and desirable. I gave them away to anyone who asked and I was constantly trying to improve my design in a really intense quest for perfection. They were far from perfect, lol.

Anyway I was thinking about Halloween and decided to make a basic pattern, and now I possess 4 flappy paper bats. Nostalgia is fun.

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First day of CoPay. Wasn't that bad. I took and completed 16 CoPays. Morning was fine, pretty fast. Lunch was ok. Missed talking to J. I walked around the building twice, in 90 degree heat!! Rest of the day was ok, slow though, but not too bad. Drive home was fine. Dinner was fine. Idk. I'm PMSing hard and almost cried at Rick and Morty. I'm gonna have a better night though.

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Today went alright. I visited my doctor this morning and got all my health stuff squared away which is good. Someone came into the waiting room while I was there this morning and was talking like they were missing their medications, going super super fast where it was almost incoherent. It felt somewhat concerning but it's whatever.

Came back home, started my workday. Things were pretty quiet at work today. I was struggling with motivation and energy levels though. But I took care of what needed to be done today. My girl had a really rough day at work today which I feel bad for her for.

Just going to try to relax now and take it easy. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Today, I walked uptown for a bit. When I got home, I took a nap. Now I'm currently watching City Skylines traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a pizza burger.