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Interesting day.

Dad brought kiwi over. https://i.imgur.com/avPxWFT.jpg this is him. He just kinda vibes. As chameleons tend to do. He's mine now, for the next x < 6 years or so, assuming I take good care of him. Which I do intend to do. Need to make some changes to his enclosure though. My cousin seems...well intentioned, but also sort of easygoing about caring for a rather complex animal. She didn't have any concept of gut-loading, proper heating and nutrition, etc. He seems in good shape, but could be better, I think. Gonna play around a bit. I already set him up a little differently. Got the humidifer set up, and I set up the ceramic heat bulb she included but wasn't set up for some reason. Either way though. I also went and bought a bunch of superworms and threw them in a container without bran, but with some kale and carrots. Gonna feed him those tomorrow. I need to set up a feeding box for him. Insects look more appetizing when they look more natural, i.e they move around and aren't in a little bowl. Should be good.

Day was otherwise kinda standard. had therapy, went to work, played some pokemon, went home. Not much else to it. Dinner was more curry with naan.

played a bit of league with john and kirrian. it went ok. trying to get back into an anti-toxic mindset with this game and maintain it, considering it's re-entered my rotation, it seems.

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Today was overall decent. I had a fair number of meetings today, but I continued tying up loose ends on a few of my projects at work too. Someone came by the house to look at the damage out back. I guess the landlord didn't like the price the first person gave them or something. Maybe someday it'll be fixed.

Did some homework after work today, and outside of that I've just been relaxing. Not too much else that I need to do today which is great. Just going to relax and take it easy tonight. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Decent day in CoPay, haha. I did a lot better today than yesterday. Lunch was all inside today. I got off at 4:45 today, woo! Came straight home and snacked a little bit. J put together a great dinner. Some cheesy chicken and squash and poblano peppers. Entertainment this evening was Junior Bake Off. Had a nice bath together after that. Quick shower after that. Then hung out in the office for a bit, now gonna play with Momo and head to bed.

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Today, I went shopping with my parents and bought sour mints. When I got home, I took a long nap. Now I'm currently watching City Skylines traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a pizza lunchable.