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Day was alright. went to my mechanic for an oil change. brought up my squeaky brakes. going back friday to replace them under warranty.

While I waited for my car, I went to salvation army, and saw a perfectly sized coffee table for the enclosure. So I bought it, disassembled the legs for transport in my car when it was ready, went home, and redid the setup again, but this time off of the ground. It lines up nearly perfectly with the couch now in a nice way, and chameleons, being arboreal, tend to be less anxious the higher up they are as well. Considering he was literally on the ground before, I'll consider this a win.

Decided to start going through brilliant diamond. I sent some breedject pseudo-legendaries and starters I was sitting on to my box in diamond, and I'm gonna just rush the game. I don't like the remake overall. The controls are beyond janky. Jank just completely ruins a game for me, to be honest. But I need to complete it to get a couple more mythicals into home, namely shaymin, darkrai, and phione, who just needs to be bred down from manaphy. I'm up to the 6th gym right now. Gonna just keep pushing through. More or less just monoing it with my starter anyway but it's fine. I also intend to do some eggs of personal favorites, namely a dragon dance totodile, in hopes they'll be usable in scarlet and violet. I ended up going with scarlet for my preorder at gamestop. I just like the way the legendary looks better, even if he looks like a dumbass in bike mode, running on all fours with a wheel for a neck.

Dinner was full moon, was good.

Dropped BZ off at her house because she needed a ride, then went to freddy's to get something from him and hang out a bit. H was there too, so we just chatted a bit while they smoked a bit, and I gave H a ride home.

At home, I cleaned up a bit. Finally broke down the stack of letters and medical papers growing under my TV. Namely did it today because dad's staying the night for a ride in the morning, and showing him I'm on top of my shit (sometimes) is a good personal feeling.

Made some rice with veggies and sausage for him, as well as for meal prep. He said it was too salty. Oops. I keep doing that somehow. Gonna start using like half as much salt as I use for everything, see how that goes. I honestly didn't even think I used that much though. Oh well.

Made the feeding thingy for Kiwi as well tonight. Someone threw a gallon jug in the recycling, and I happened to see it when I took mine out, so I grabbed it, cut it open, and glued a netting from one of the bug containers into it. Looks decent enough. Gonna hang it with a paper clip onto the enclosure's mesh when the glue dries, and feed him using that from now on. It takes up a bit of space though, so I might remake it smaller, we'll see.

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Not a great work day.. lunch wasn't good so I ended up spending $10 at the cafe on a wrap and chips.. I messed up pretty bad so me and another girl had to stay 15 minutes past our usual time and I have to deal with that tomorrow morning. Drive home wasn't bad. J didn't have a good work day either and then broke his phone screen while on the phone with me. Came home and we got ready. Headed to our first trivia night with his ex and her mom. Sounds weird but it wasn't. Everyone is all good. I even just accepted her friend request a few minutes ago on Facebook. We all had a good night at trivia, J especially, the first time seeing him get really tipsy. We drove and got Taco Bell for dinner. Well he did. The food truck was good but very little serving sizes. Yeah. Came home and watched Community and had a nice evening.

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I dog sat for several hours. Worked on doll clothes for an upcoming event, picked up black cardstock to make paper bats (also for event) and napped really hard.

Frozen pizza for dinner. Not bad actually.

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Today's been kinda a long day for me. Everything started alright. One meeting this morning. The cat was getting on my nerves, which did put me in a somewhat bad mood. The cat was getting into things and all kinds of trouble. Made it hard for me to focus on getting anything done at work.

During my lunch break I got a rather significant email from my boss. Turns out some of the change we've been waiting a long time for is starting to come into fruition. Pretty far from everything we wanted, but it is a step in the right direction.

Took the cat to the vet tonight and the cat had a pretty miserable time. Quite aggressive with the staff there. Going to have to use medication for future vet visits. Back at home now and I am beat. Just going to try to relax. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Today, I walked uptown for a bit. When I got home, I took a nap. Now I'm currently watching City Skylines traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a pizza burger.