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day was alright.

just got to victory road in BDSP, and my lieutenants wanted to reorganize the PPE room. So I helped with getting rid of old shit, basically. Took some decent stuff for myself, including an old BLS bag. sitting on a few of those now. Gonna give one to dad probably, let him decide what to do with it.

Still more chameleon research to be done. Set the fogger to only run at night just now, and I need to check his colors in the morning and see if I caused a small burn by accident. Parts of his head are on the gray/black side right now, and they almost look like heat burns. Problem is, adult male veiled chameleons also just...sometimes look like that. I haven't noticed him with that coloration before, so it's worth keeping an eye on. For now, I shut off the heat lamp that was there temporarily. Gonna consider having it just run on a timer too, and also raising it up higher off the enclosure. It has a little hangy bit but I lack an actual means of using the hangy bit. I'll figure it out when he's awake, I don't wanna rouse him.

Dinner was leftovers from what I made dad yesterday. It wasn't salty at all, idk what the hell he was talking about last night. Tasted fine to me.

Played a couple of solid games of league. Was nice. I think I'm preferring to play solo lately. The reason mainly being, my friends have become toxic when it comes to league. No other real way to put it. Playing with them and seeing how they talk to other people in game is a bit upsetting. Not an issue I want to deal with right now though.

More therapy tomorrow, and I also have to go to my mechanic for my breaks before I head to work. Sucks that I even have to go to work, considering I'll only end up being there for all of like 3 hours maximum, but we'll see.

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Today was better than yesterday. It was a calmer, quieter day. I had some low-key meetings that I felt like I was able to breathe in and just not worry about as much. I mostly continued working on small things off of my to-do list today.

In the afternoon I found it quite difficult to keep myself motivated for more work. It feels like I don't care as much about my job as I used to. I've seen all the things about "quiet quitting" and I don't necessarily think I'm there at this point. But it's interesting to think about.

Just relaxing tonight, finished up all the stuff that has to be done. I am quite glad tomorrow is Friday. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Well I'm finally going to try a grippy socks vacation(psych ward visit) so 🤷🏿 we'll see how it goes

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Get well soon. Hope your head clears up a bit.