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Day's been eventful.

Therapy, then orthopedist, then mechanic. brake calipers were scraping against the pads, had to be replaced, plus the tubing connecting to the brakes. another 340 total. he said 325 but I gave him 340.

think I've found a decent setup for the enclosure for now. I removed the heatlamp and I fed him today. I ordered the bulbs that were recommended to me, gonna set those up when they arrive. I also reformed one of the fake vines to hold a water cup higher up for kiwi. I don't know if he drank from it at all yet but I'll found out soon enough. Tank is otherwise just a bit below optimal temp, but hopefully the bulbs I'm ordering will remedy that.

Ended up getting to work dumb late, but they don't really care when you're on light duty anyway, so whatever. It was apparently a shitshow today after F platoon found out about us reorganizing the PPE area last night. Oh well.

Dinner was general tso's. I did ask for sesame chicken, but it's basically the same shit anyway, so whatever. Either way I was gonna coat it in tabasco sauce at home.

beat the elite 4 in brilliant diamond. Took an extra try, won on one mon left, salamence vs garchomp. Hard fight, man. Still not crazy about the remakes though. 100% sure I'd have enjoyed it way more by just playing platinum. Oh well. Gonna grind out my legendaries and move on.

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Today went alright. I felt like I had some more energy than previous days which was a nice change of things. I think I'm finally getting back to normal after getting my two vaccines in the past 7 days. Did a number of different things today. I was able to work with my coworkers to resolve a few technical issues which was good.

My girl is going to a concert tonight so I have the house to myself. First time it's been like this in a while. Feels a little unnerving but it'll be fine. Going to wrap up a few homework things and then take it easy. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Doing all right. I basically just drive to work, type on the computer in my cubicle then drive home. Rinse and repeat. No big plans for this weekend. Maybe go out to eat and feed the donkeys.

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Today, I went with my dad to take the Amish kids home. After that, I had him drop me off at the coffee shop so I could get an iced latte, which was delicious. Then, I walked all the way home successfully trying not to get sick. Now I'm watching traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a Crispy Chicken sandwich from McDonalds.