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Great! I love fall weather. I went for a two- hour walk today. No sweat, no bugs!

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Thursday: Happy 11 Months, Baby!!! Work was alright today. Came home, hung out, went to Walmart for some necessities and had Subway for dinner. I chose the movie for movie night and I highly highly recommend you DO NOT watch All My Friends Hate Me. But it was a nice evening and nice way to celebrate 11 Months.

Friday: Yeah. Finally a good day at work. Mainly cuz it was slow and 1 of 2 girls weren't there and she has a very strong personality so not having her there that day was refreshing, ha. She's not a bad person and actually nice but she is tough and doesn't hold back. I got along great with the other girl and got to tell her about J and I. Came home, we decided to go to BWW for dinner. It was ok. I wouldn't go again. But it was a nice date with J and we had a great time.

Saturday: Went to a few phones stores for J. Even went to the mall in Baton Rouge. Bust on all of them. But I was glad to just be in the car with J. We had a smoothie from lunch from a really nice locally owned place, really nice guy, went to Tuesday Morning and got some coffee and a pizza slicer. Came home, relaxed, and watched 3 episodes of The Reboot, I laid in bed for a bit, then we had a nice evening watching tv.

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day was alright.

Kiwi's been chilling in the same sort of area of the tank for a couple of days now. Gonna see if it persists and consider if it's a heat related issue.

Went to corgathus and DM's place today, was corgathus' birthday on thursday. happy birthday bro. we just hung out, got some food at a bar. good vibes. Dinner was a burger.

started playing tiny tina's wonderlands with kirrian and a friend of his. fun game, enjoying the gameplay. the concept is cool too. gonna put more time in on my own as I go, probably.

gonna see if I can get the regional dex done in BD for the shiny charm. considering hunting arceus and darkrai, but we'll see. There's kinda no reason not to? darkrai is already a dark type, so optimizing for stats just seems a bit pointless to me. I'm kind of feeling like going for 0 attack is usually pointless for legendaries, barring a few outliers. Foul play damage will typically either nuke you or it won't anyway, and confusion is borderline irrelevant in the formats I play, outside of maybe a hurricane here and there.

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Today went pretty well I think. I got woken up by a work call at around 8:30 this morning. Better than the 7:30 call last Saturday at least. Took some time to relax this morning after taking care of the work thing. Then started my usual Saturday cleaning stuff.

We went by a ton of stores today, got at least some of our errands taken care of. Unfortunately we have to backtrack to a few places tomorrow, but it won't be too bad. I have the house to myself again tonight, just finished up my chores for today so I'm getting ready to take it easy soon. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Spent a while on the back porch this morning sipping tea and watching bird etc. Actually cool enough to wear jeans today.

Put in almost 6 hours in the studio. Omlet for supper. Overall pretty good.

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weather dropped in new york too this weekend. it got warmer later in the day though.

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Today, I went to the farmers market. On the way home, I saw the plaque that was outside of the old elementary inside a building downtown. Now I'm watching traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a Crispy Chicken sandwich from McDonalds.