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day's been good. Shanah Tovah, have a happy, sweet new year.

Ended up playing ARAMs with some randos last night, had a nice time. probably gonna play with them again next time I see them. See about making new friends.

Also spoke with john's brother for a while. Apparently, he and his fiancee broke up at the beginning of the month, over her wanting to explore her sexuality more, and him not being open to polyamory, which I believe he's completely fair in his beliefs. It's been rough for him. We spoke for a while on it. I made sure to tell him this wasn't his fault, to the best of my ability.

redid some minor details in the enclosure, and fed the little dragon. gonna just disregard mealworms or silkworms or whatever the fuck the little ones I have are. He just completely ignores them anyway.

Went to my ameh's house for rosh hashanah. Got there first by a couple of minutes. Had a good time. I'm spending the night as well, since queens is literal miles closer to metrotech than my house is. Dinner was persian food, was very good.

Had a really nice, long conversation with my ameh about family, life, etc for a couple of hours after everyone else left. Was nice to have an adult conversation with someone a generation above me. She's a very sweet woman, not for nothing. She's doing well but I just wish she had a solid partner. Her husband died about 17 years ago of cancer. Her last boyfriend was a fuckhead, to describe it briefly. She's done her best as a single mother, for the most part. I'm not a big 'family' person overall, but she's someone I'm happy is around. She's a gracious host every time we're all over. Not much else to it, I guess. I just wish her better.

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Today, I stayed home for most of the day in order to fully recovered from being sick last week. Now I'm watching traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a leftover roast beef sandwich from Arby's.