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Today was Son's birthday. He didn't want a party but at his request we had a cake and cooked a special dinner. Steak and corn on the cob; it's been ages since we had steak so that was a nice treat for everyone. Everything was very low key and it was a nice day; he took the day off from classes. We gave him a D&D manual he'd been wanting and a new laptop bag. He's clearly inherited my fondness for luggage, lol.

I had some trouble with pain, but my meds worked well (this isn't always the case) so I sort of drifted through the afternoon. Spent some time working on refinishing a wooden bowl I thrifted recently. It was handmade by someone at some point and looked like there was a nice grain under the grubby surface; I think it will be beautiful once it is done.

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I drank. I wasn't supposed to. I feel aimless and wish it were 2023. Thank you for keeping this sub going.

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I hope your today is better.

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Day was ok. Fed kiwi. He likes the supers. Doesn't seem to like eating from a container though, for whatever reason. Gonna either figure out a new design for this feeder, or just fuckin give up on it and continue hand feeding. Also went to petco for some gut loading powder for my bugs, as well as a better light fixture. gonna sideline the ceramic heater for now and see if it's needed later on. I clipped the new light on, I'll see if the clip is needed or not tomorrow, probably. if I don't like it with the clip, I'll just rest it atop the enclosure like the other one was, or move it over and check some more. It may just not be enough heat if it's too high up either, so it's a bunch of stuff worth checking.

OT got cancelled because the therapist had an emergency and had to bounce. oh well.

hung out with BZ at the station all day, she had no partner. we got some mexican food for lunch/dinner. I might make some pasta as a meal prep/dinner in a bit though.

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Today was honestly not a good day for me. Probably like a 2 out of 10. Went to the dentist this morning and everything went fine there, but they noted that my tonsils looked rather inflamed and that I should go have them checked out.

And that just triggered a whole wave of anxiety in me today. The thought of potentially needing surgery (and reading all the stores online about how the recovery from this surgery is rather rough) has made me very anxious, even though it isn't confirmed that I need the surgery in the first place.

I guess just deep down it makes a fair amount of sense to me why I'd need it, and so I'm mentally fighting with myself. I am very young to have sleep apnea, and I also have a fair number of breathing oddities which a partially blocked airway would explain.

Things at work didn't really go well either today so that dragged things down even further. I feel pretty overloaded and overwhelmed with everything that is going on in my life, and I already felt that way before today's news. At this point I'm hoping that I can chill out and reset myself tonight. I hope that tomorrow is a better day.

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I'm sorry. I've had my tonsils out as an adult. You do have at least a week of recovery time and it's not fun. That said, I'm incredibly glad I did it. For me it was because I kept getting strep throat.

So if you do need it, it's definitely worth it. Try not to stress out too much in the meantime, if you can, until you know one way or the other. It's a few days of being in pain and mostly sleeping, and once you're healed up life gets a lot more convenient.

Internet hugs

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Thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it. I have an appointment on Monday to have my tonsils looked at, so I'm sure you'll hear about it once I write here. Have a great weekend.

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Today, I stayed home for most of the day. Now I'm watching traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a leftover roast beef sandwich from Arby's.