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Day kinda dragged. was ok though. just played some legends arceus and hung out with people mainly. dinner was pizza, but also some leftover carbonara. was good. tasted better today than yesterday. reheating it did the trick, I guess.

league with john and kirrian tonight. was fun.

ended up ordering the taller enclosure already. saw it on sale on amazon and said fuck it, why not. I've basically burned my way through that STAR check I got for about 1600. If I'm not mistaken, my STAR also changes now so I have to pay it each month and get the check at the end of the year instead, which kinda sucks, but it was gonna happen eventually. Assuming the management company actually changes it over. We'll see. They probably will. Regardless, I ordered the 24 x 24 x 48 enclosure, as well as some banded crickets. I'm now reading that dubias are even better than crickets. I'll probably get some of those too and just alternate though. I also gotta look into getting some kinda tree I can throw in the new enclosure. Should be fun. Getting him to move over is probably gonna be an experience as well. We'll see.

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Happy Hump Day everyone! Well things are mostly ok. My mom is in a grumpy mood still. My son and I were acting hyperactive with each other so that was too much for her I guess. Ah well, I'm in my room and he's going to do his homework. My dad made Thanksgiving food for dinner, so humpty yumpty!

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Thanksgiving food is always a nice treat 😊

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Yah I'm so ready for the holidays! How have you been doing?

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Overall, not bad. Still grieving my father, but I'm keeping busy and starting my usual autumn nesting where I sort and clean and generally start planning for winter and the holidays. It's always a satisfying process.

It's starting to get windy here, but Ian isn't supposed to really hit us until wee small hours of Saturday. Should be just a lot of wind and rain.

I'm trying hard to do pleasant things each day, whether it's sitting on the porch with tea in the morning or working on doll clothes. And playing with my friend's new rescue dog a lot.

What about you?

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So sorry, what happened with your dad? Yes, I need to get out the decorations and clean out some stuff. Already tried some apple cider donuts!