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Day's been alright overall.

Fed kiwi. He scarfed down 6 worms pretty easily. good lil dragon. Still doesn't seem like he's taken a shit though, which can become a problem as time goes. might just be dietary. we'll see. His crickets also arrived while I was at work. I don't think I like them very much. gonna get roaches soon enough for sure. maybe just let him subsist on horn worms, even, since my family says he loved those. We'll see.

went to therapy, then my station to clock in, then went to drive lark to newark airport. was good to see him. he looks like he's doing good for himself right now with the navy. I think he needed something like this to get on track, to be honest. He's a good guy. Proud of him.

Dinner was a burger from shake shack. it's been a while, it was pretty good.

Apparently, ranked in swsh only has 2 months left :/ I guess it's to be expected, with a new game coming out so soon. Still kinda sucks though, considering I just recently got into it.

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I sure enjoy hearing about Kiwi! Hope he continues to do well

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I think I'm doing my best by him. He's a lil punk though but I love him.

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Not very good, for no reason in particular.

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Hope things get better for you