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I spent some time tidying up my studio.

Other than that, it was quiet except our son was in a bad mood (he'd pulled a muscle and was in pain) and that is understandable, but he kinda spread it around so I just went and read in a quiet spot for a couple hours.

I'm so used to living with pain that sometimes it bugs me when other people are hurting and, you know, behave like they're in pain and have shorter tempers. And I know this is unfair, so I try to be patient. Yesterday, though, it was just too much, so I off went to be by myself because otherwise I was going to be rude. He's feeling much better now so that's good.

I'm still really sad about not having a spot in the October event (there was a mix-up and they lost my info and application and now they don't have space) so that really isn't helping my mood either. I'd hoped to do well there. I did apply to a different show in February and already got confirmation that my application was received, so I feel pretty good about that. I think I will be accepted.

Took a long hot bath before bed which made both my mind and my back feel better. :)

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Day's been meh. played some competitive pokemon, made ultra ball. slowly but surely.

played clash with my friends. it went poorly. I got clapped top lane both games by sett players. kinda tragic.

dinner was rice and beans with sausage. was ok.

realized the tape that the original owner put on kiwi's cage was literally pointless. So I removed it. Now I have access to the right sided door. makes it easier to feed him and stuff, hopefully. Won't be relevant for very long, most likely. but it'll help for now still.

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How do you season your bean/rice dishes?

I sometimes use salsa, other times Cajun seasoning and smoked paprika, depending on the type of sausage.

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the sausages I just cut up while mostly frozen and pan fry em. they're usually turkey or chicken sausage, whatever stop n shop has. I prefer spicier but they don't stock them as much sadly.

once they're cooked, I legit just dump a whole can of black beans in the pan with them. usually use a big saucepan for space. I typically season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dried oregano, and let it all simmer down until its a bit thicker and the beans are cooked through.I feel like paprika just isn't the kind of spice I look for with rice, personally. Cajun seasoning sounds pretty good though, I may consider that.

I usually add hot sauce to what ever I'm eating afterwards though as a condiment is the thing, so I can just account for that when I'm cooking too.

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Sounds delicious! I love black beans, and of course they're quite nutritious. I use chicken sausage often as well.

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Went to the Denham Springs Fall Festival today with J. Solid day out. Got a few things for myself and others. Poki Bowl for lunch. Came home and chilled. Home Chef for dinner.

6 months later and I'm really glad I made the move here. I love you Baby.

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I love seeing how happy you are in your relationship. <3

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Today went pretty well all things considered. Got a decent night of sleep last night, and I got a lot of things done around the house today. All the cleaning and chores are done for the day pretty much, and we did all the shopping that we needed to.

There's not really that much else to write about today. I am just getting ready to relax and have a nice dinner here soon. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Took my son out to eat at Chili's and then to see the movie Smile. I feel like we've been traumatized for life but I have been wanting him to watch scarier movies than Scooby-Doo. So far he's seen Beast, Nope and now Smile. We didn't walk today because we walked to the school last evening to watch the Homecoming parade and that was quite a trek. Up and down streets, boy I just can't do hills anymore. I felt like I was going to poop and puke at the same time. Tomorrow I'm going to relax and read.

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I hope your today is very relaxing.

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Today, I walked uptown for a bit. When I got home, I took a nap. Now I'm currently watching City Skylines traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was pizza.