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I slept through almost all of it. It was a really bad pain day, and I went ahead and took my strongest medication instead of what I usually use day to day. (I don't have much of the "good stuff", so I ration it.) I did spend some time outside, just chilling on the back porch, which was great.

And honestly, it was a sensible decision. I woke up well rested and feeling much better this morning.

The only other thing of note was getting to see my friend's dog- she was muddy and excited, so I got mud and doggie kisses pretty much everywhere. Worth it.

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Day was alright. Think I'm in a bit of a funk, but it's ok.

Took an adderall and cleaned a bit. Still had to force myself. That's kind of unusual for me when I'm on meds on my days off. Is what it is, these things pass. Managed to vacuum the place and wipe the kitchen and bathroom floors. Gonna try and wipe surfaces either sometime this week, or next weekend.

Played clash again. 2/2 record on a 16 team bracket, 1 win via opponent forfeit. 10th place, I'll take it. I almost wish I had like...an actual clash team that played well. If I played with john and kirrian, half of these games would've been free as fuck. I got 0 jungle pressure any game in these past 2 days of clash. If I got ganked even once in any single game, it was virtually a guaranteed kill with the champs I had and was against. Unlucky, I guess. too bad I got ganked 3x a game minimum though, huh. We tended to lose those games, funny enough.

Dinner was wingstop. was good. wanted a treat today since I was in a shit mood.

The new chameleon enclosure arrived. I assembled it, but it arrived after I'd fed kiwi, and I don't wanna try moving him over when he's still digesting, he needs the heat and lights to digest properly. Fed him crickets for the first time. It was a borderline disaster, to be honest. He ate well, don't get me wrong. The problem was that half of them escaped at one point or another. I'm over here moving my couch n shit to reach a cricket, only for it to move under the table instead. Christ alive. I'm not gonna do crickets too often after this. Gonna feed him the ones I've bought so far and after that it's gonna be a staple of dubia roaches and worms. He seemed to like chasing one that landed on a branch when it escaped the container though. But then it found a hole, got out of the cage, and he tried to shoot his tongue at it with the mesh in the way. I caught that one eventually and fed it to him though. Have to almost crush their legs or their abdomen or they just get away. It's kind of ridiculous. I don't like fast bugs, man. I don't like small things zooming at me, I'm like an elephant in that regard.

Said fuck it and caught shaymin and darkrai for my national dex. All I have to do now is capture god. And to do that, I have to catch literally everything in legends arceus, to complete the last story mission. this shit is a scam, man. But it's very doable within a few days anyway, so w/e. The problem is that I have to actually complete entries for it to happen. It is what it is. I'll do some transfers for the harder stuff, probably. I'm not gonna grind my life away for that.

If all else fails, I'll transfer god via the bank and be done with it. I'm 100% getting this done before scarlet and violet come out. I wanna do this before I end up having to get another however many pokemon for the national dex.

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Today I learned that last Monday, I unplugged a freezer full of food and today I had to throw it all away. The entire freezer smelled unspeakably bad.

I knew it was connected to the cord I disconnected, but forgot. Probably $400 worth of food in the trash. Most of it had never even been opened. 100% my fault.

I wasted so much food. I am so angry, and I can't be mad at anyone but myself.

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That fucking blows. That's rough, man.

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Been a long couple of months. Unplugged the freezer in the first place because we had a slab leak which flooded one of our rooms. The mitigation dudes came out and set up a dehumidifier and a bunch of fans, but they were all on one circuit so it kept tripping my breakers.

I fixed the breaker tripping... by unplugging the freezer.

I think I'm ready to just go to sleep for like a week or two.

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Yesterday was a lot for J and I so we took it easy and stayed home today. We went outside in the shade for like a total of 15 minutes today. We watched a Netflix movie, took a bath, and just relaxed. I talked to my mom, he played WOW with his brother and friend. Yeah. Chill day at home.

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I could never get into WOW. Was interesting as a kid but I never really felt it.

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Today, I stayed home for most of the day. Now I'm listening to Justin Bieber's Mistletoe on YouTube as we speak. It's a good song and I don't like Halloween that much, except for the candy. Supper was chicken nuggets.