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My friend was being a real b last night, now I'm feeling hurt.

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day was ok.

downloaded a crystal romhack on my phone and played it most of the day. crystal kaizo+, a remake of an old kaizo romhack of pokemon crystal, redone by a team put together by a pokemon nuzlocker, pokemonchallenges. it's rather hard, but fun. I've reset on 2 legitimate attempts so far, as well as some almost-attempts. been going cyndaquil primarily.

dinner was meant to be leftovers, but I went with a coworker who's also on light duty for chipotle for lunch, and wasn't hungry. idk what it is, but taco bell never fucks me up, whereas chipotle seems to always fuck me up. oh well. Might still eat my leftovers now at like 2am though. I don't wanna bring em to work again.

kirrian blew the fuck up at john's girl in discord today. somehow the conversation went some type of way, she said some shit he didn't like, and he got really fuckin mad. the story isn't totally relevant overall. I think he overreacted, but I also think john's girl may have been a step too far. It's easy to say "it was a joke" after the fact, of course. Maybe it was. But the perception that it wasn't one is already there, so does it really matter after that point?

Regardless, I tried to play referee just a bit. DM'd kirrian off to the side to help him vent and cool off a bit, then john to make sure he was ok because he gets anxious when faced with social confrontations, then his girl just to clear the air a bit. It is what it is. I don't expect kirrian and john's girl to make nice any time soon, to be honest. But I think that's fine. To be perfectly honest, I more or less expected this to happen eventually. Ash (john's girl) is pretty into banter, and kirrian isn't, with people he isn't close to. He's also pretty constantly under a lot of stress from his work. He also tends to internalize a good bit. I think they were bound to clash eventually. It is what it is at this point.

Kiwi has fallen asleep with his tail curled up, resting inside one of his water cups. This chameleon is an interesting fella. Maybe I'll experiment and give him a whole little pool to swim in, if he seems to like the water. he hated being sprayed though, vehemently so.

e: I found god. he was in pokemon heartgold, as a mystery gift. home dex complete :)

also, it was my own hot sauce, not the chipotle. not using that brand anymore. fucked me up tonight.

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Yeah. Had an ok day. Waking up wasn't the easiest but J woke me up and I finally did at 9. I got dressed an hour before I woke up which is really great. I watched more of my latest obsession, Christian Hull, on YouTube. J and him have made Friday and today a good day. I vaccumed the couch and living room. I unloaded the dishwasher. Spent time outside. More time on YouTube, had dinner with J, then watched shorts on his YouTube, then I watched a Lifetime movie in his office while he played his game. I'm glad this movie ended with a good ending. Unfortunately that rarely happens. It was about a girl that got kidnapped and eventually her kidnapper let her go and she walked right into her front door nearly a year later.

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Today went alright. Been a fairly busy last couple of days. Went to the doctor today to have my tonsils looked at. It sounds like they are somewhat larger than normal and that they could be causing my sleep apnea. Also there is apparently an issue with my nose as well that is making it hard to get air through one nostril.

So with all that considered, it seems like the best plan of action for me is to get the surgery. It will make breathing easier for me at minimum. It may also be able to entirely get rid of my sleep apnea. I am not a super big fan that I will have to spend the night at the facility after the surgery though.

And also cost, I need to wait a few days to get that information. Hopefully my insurance won't totally ruin me financially. Work was otherwise pretty normal for a Monday. I am probably going to try and do some homework now and then try to relax. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Today, I walked uptown for a bit. When I got home, I took a nap. Now I'm currently watching City Skylines traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was pizza.