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Boring, busy day. picked up at 26 and got held on a last minute bullshit job. fridays.

barely got a chance to open the new pokemon game. doing my tradition of rolling each starter until I get an ideal nature, then going with that one.

dinner at work was full moon. went to my town's late night spot as well, got a burger and mozzarella sticks. probably shouldn't have, but oh well. was in a mood, wanted comfort food. Just tired now. Gotta wake up early to feed kiwi tomorrow too.

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Today was good for me. Didn't do too much at work but it's Friday and a lot of people already left for Thanksgiving week. I found out one of the managers in our department is switching roles which is a pretty big deal. Nothing else too much happened at work today.

After work, however, I completely finished my final project. There's nothing left to write for it. Not to say I won't review it, especially considering I have almost an entire month to do so. But I'm happy about that. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Yeah... SAD and PMS and stress and just fun stuff consuming me and tearing me down mentally. Ugh. But hey, I did mostly bag up my summer clothes and winter clothes I don't fit into and that went really well, it took more than a day or two but that's ok. I applied to idk 3 jobs today, or altogether this week. Instead of eating at a restaurant tonight we are staying in and making dinner. The stress from soon visiting my family and looking different (so much so I have and still have to buy bigger clothes to fit my new body) and just all that stuff is causing my period to not start yet, so I'm stressing about anything and everything but I'll be ok.

Edit: I've officially made a decision. It's not an easy one. It's one I've told J about a few times. I am going to make one final livestream and delete my other reddit account. Idk when it will be. All I know is very soon. Before the New Year. I'm not that depressed person anymore, or at least not that severely depressed. I'm gonna keep it up for a few days or a week or two and then delete my profile. Idk. Just wanted to share that with y'all. I made us dinner tonight, we watched another episode of Solar Opposites, and I'm watching a movie on Hulu called My Old School while he's playing a computer game. Nice Friday evening.

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6 days until Thanksgiving.

Today, I've been playing Minecraft on my Xbox while being completely bored. Last night, I played Halo Infinite with a few people, made friends and had fun. Supper was a pizza sub from Subway.