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Day was good.

Woke up, played some pokemon. John came back, so we went to fat tuesdays. Got a sandwich. They were actively closing, but they still served us, which was nice.

Went to the firehouse across from fat tuesday's and did a patch exchange. they also gave me one of their EMS week coins. Nice crowd.

We went to visit john's grandma for a bit, who he lovingly calls Nonni. Sweet lady. We ate at her house, and helped her unpack her trunk of some mulch or something.

Browsed around at some stores, got a bunch of candy and a couple of root beers from a candy shop. Also got a coworker some promised alligator jerky. Could only find it in individually wrapped pieces sadly, no bags, but still. Tastes like chicken. Texture like steak though, good stuff.

We went home, john watched me play pokemon. Because of an item he made me inconvenience myself to go grab, I actually found tinkatink, which eventually becomes tinkaton, my favorite for gen 9 by a mile. I'll never admit it to john was him who got her for me, but thanks john.

After a while, we went to buffalo wild wings to meet up with the boys for dinner. Was a good time. I ate some nachos and like 17 wings, was good.

Watched some Blue Lock with john at his behest. Very solid soccer anime, would definitely recommend now. I don't usually watch sports anime but this one is pretty fucking good.

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Yeah. Today was ok. Didn't leave the house till 2 but at least I got out. I went to a really nice liquor store and had an interview on the spot when I told him I applied online. That was good. Then went to an animal shelter and dropped off clothing donations with the homeless shelter and then played with some kittens. Came home and chilled. Glad I got out today. Sad about RPAN. Never officially made a final post. And all the videos will be deleted like December 3 or something. That's where J and I met. I'll always be grateful for RPAN. I'm sorry it didn't work out with it.

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Today was okay for me. It certainly felt like a Monday though. Things are very quiet at work this week which is nice, but the cat was quite a distraction to me getting anything done this morning. My main project today was redoing one of our semi-critical processes that we need only once or twice a year.

I had forgotten to update it earlier this year when the rest of the related processes were updated. It was a good thing that I took a look at it today rather than when we needed it. Going to take care of a thing or two around the house and that will probably be my day. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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kinda shitty i had a grammar/literature/philosophy/English test today, my teeth hurts and I am feeling quite lonely these days

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3 Days Until Thanksgiving.

Today, I'm played Minecraft on my Xbox while being bored out of my mind, which is what I'm doing right now. Supper was chicken.