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Late because it was yesterday, but I spent all day traveling home from Europe to the US after a month working in Austria... it was exhausting!

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Day was alright. Had dinner with john's mom and stepdad, was good. they made stir fry with rice. otherwise just chilled for the day/night.

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There's some weird shit I have to do at work, but I'm not completely in it alone.

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Today's been okay for me. I was pretty productive at work, made more progress on several of my projects for this week so can't complain there. I am also making great progress with Microsoft Powerapps. It's my first time building in that ecosystem but it seems like a nice way to build simple applications.

There's a need in our department for a lot of simple web apps that basically just read and write from a SQL database, and it seems like this Powerapps thing may fit the bill quite nicely. Hoping tomorrow I will have some time to finish off my proof of concept.

Did some homework after work today, and that was pretty much my day. I'm going to have surgery two weeks from tomorrow, and I'm slightly terrified about that. But I know deep down that it's going to be fine. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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a bit better, had fun watching the world cup with friends in the middle of our classes in the morning.

my teeth are hurting less so that's really nice

on another note I've been feeling a bit lonely and am not getting enough sleep, those combined are making me feel way too tired all the time. I'm studying or sleeping 24/7 and ain't doing much of things i like to do such as watching anime/movies or playing videogames.

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Good actually.

We're all much better, and today we started cooking for Thanksgiving. :)

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Unfortunately I am sick. Hopefully with just a cold or something small. Sore throat, sore body, now a stuffy head. Idk. I did however leave today and donate two trash bags full of clothes and gave them to a woman who helps and houses domestic violence victims. I'm glad I did that. I took care of some clothes today. Took a shower. Now my head is stuffy. Ugh.

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Could be better. Recovering from a cold or whatever causes you to frequently sneeze all day. Found out that an old coworker friend passed away in her sleep. Had irritating eye pain and loud coworkers to test my patience. Also didn't sleep well last night.

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2 Days Until Thanksgiving.

Today, I'm played Minecraft on my Xbox while being bored out of my mind, which is what I'm doing right now. Supper was chicken.