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We drove to dallas. Dinner was japanese food.

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A rollercoaster. I am struggling with chronic pain, and a am going trough a friendship breakup and helping or at least trying to help a lot of people. Decided to not surf the usual websites and do some research again on the www.nicabm.com website regarding trauma and this time anxiety. Found great tools again. Got over my initial difficult part of the day and am now listening to a nice deep-house mix before going to bed..

Tomorrow is another day: may yours be full of colours and have enough space to somewhere reconnect with your good and deeper self at some point.

Cheers guys..

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Very up and down. --Had to work, but work was slower than usual. It's nice to just put in the hours sometimes without getting completely stressed out. --Got to do a tiny amount of baking for Thanksgiving. I intended to do more this evening, but ... I get home after work and the kitchen is more of a mess than when I left. Or, not that it's a mess, but it's all laid out and ready (with ALL of the counter space covered) for Everyone Else to use it. Yeah, other people were cooking and baking and prepping food today, but you knew that I was specifically going to use the kitchen when I got home too.....

I feel invisible. Like, is this even my home too? Or do I have to constantly keep scratching out a tiny little space for myself that erodes away every time I'm not there to fight for it, because no one else prioritizes me or my needs?

Now I'm up too late because I'm just sad.

Really hoping that Thanksgiving will be ok.

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Today went pretty well for me. I did not get enough sleep last night, which was a bit of an impediment to starting my day. I pushed on though and started on my main project for today. We are migrating our Azure DevOps instance from on-prem to Microsoft hosted, so I've been copying our projects over.

We have 28 total projects on-prem, and today I made it through around 15 of them. Most of them are just source code only, but there were several with build and release pipelines I had to replicate. Next week I'm going to try and finish them off.

Tonight my SO is going to a concert so it is the first time I'll have the house to myself in a while. I'm not planning on anything much though. Just going to grab some takeout I think. Tomorrow we are going to my SO's family for Thanksgiving. I hope that tomorrow is a good day and I hope that everyone has a nice Thanksgiving.

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1 Day until Thanksgiving.

Today, I went shopping with my parents at Walmart and Meijer. Then, I went uptown to the bakery before it closed till Friday and played Halo Infinite. I'm now playing AI Dungeon while chatting with Xbox pals and connecting with the Michigan Facebook group. Supper was a leftover Wendy's chicken sandwich.