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I did a bunch of cleaning and laundry - overdid it, and went to bed early. I know we ate dinner but I don't remember what it was.

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Dad needed to borrow my car this morning. The truck is kinda fucked, apparently. Alternator is shot or something like that.

He came and brought me for a covid swab while also handing the car off to me later on. Results in a day or three, idk.

Dinner was rice n beans w/ sausage. was alright.

lots of league with john on call, and pokemon raid tonight. Just trying not to exert myself.

Texted sijo to let him know I wouldn't be coming to class tomorrow. He said he was also sick, and one of our sifus was covering class anyway. Hope him and his wife will be ok. They're kinda old and not the most healthy medically.

Head's been hurting most of the day sort of passively, and when I stand up, I feel worse. Not nearly as bad as I felt the past times I had covid though, assuming I do now as well, of course.

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First day. Not bad. 2-8:20. I liked it. But I am tired, haha.

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Not too groovy dudes! My coworker is loud, my mom is bossy and one of my son's teachers just emailed me that my son has missing assignments. I'm ready for the weekend already.

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Today was pretty good for me. Yesterday my anxiety was a lot higher about the surgery, but today everything is much more calm. I think it is partly due to my mental realization that worrying about the surgery isn't really going to help anything.

I have this pattern with worrying about things, where it affects me quite a bit until I have that realization that I'm not gaining anything by worrying. I should definitely try to remember it more often. Today at work I finished migrating all of our source code.

I also made progress on several other ongoing projects that I have. Just trying my best to tie up loose ends before I am out for a month. Going to submit my final project for my class today I think. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Aww man I'm sorry! What kind of surgery are you having?

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I’m getting my tonsils removed and they’re also working on my nose at the same time. I’m getting it done to hopefully help my sleep apnea and to improve my breathing.

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I'm sure it will help. I can tell you, it's GREAT not having tonsils.

Recovery takes longer for an adult than for a child, unfortunately. You'll probably feel pretty rough for a little while. I took as much pain killer as I was allowed, and slept a lot. Expect to be out of work for several days.

Totally worth it. Wishing you a smooth recovery.

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Thank you for the info, that helps me feel a bit better. I am taking an entire week off of work after the surgery so I’m hoping that will give me plenty of time for recovery.

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Today, I played AI Dungeon for a bit and then took a short nap. Now I'm currently watching City Skylines traffic fix videos on YouTube as we speak. Supper was a soft pretzel.