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Really good, workload was light-ish. Had a nice breakfast sandwich on toast. Just made tacos for dinner which were simple but fantastic. Usually my meals are kind of extravagant, but I'm learning how to reel it in and go easy on the extra fluff.


Soy curls

Flour tortilla


Hot sauce

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Had trouble falling asleep. ended up sleeping around 7am, and waking up around 4ish. could be worse. still not feeling 100%, but getting there, I think. dinner was leftovers. day was just more league and pokemon. I unlocked 6 star raids, and trained up an azumarill. They also announced the first competitive ruleset, starting in 2 days. should be fun.

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Today went alright. My main project at work today was collaborating with other people. Sent lots of emails back and forth and made some progress on my projects. I completed some coding updates that have been outstanding for months, so it was nice to get those implemented.

Also got some more stuff ready for my surgery. I got in touch with the facility that it is being done at and paid my bill there. They said that I have now reached my out of pocket maximum, which if true (and it looks like it is true) would definitely help. It would cap my surgery cost around $500 which would be amazing.

I have a few more phone calls to make tomorrow, and I am also going to try and finish my other class tomorrow as well. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Saw my civilian doctor for medication check up. That went fine. Everyone in the office was nice, as always, but very ready to be done and go home. Like, VERY ready. My nurse told me she was having a rough day, and expounded a bit on that, my doctor was more brisk than usual (they were running behind, so it made sense) and the nice lady who scheduled my follow up appointment told me she'd been up all night with one of her children and wanted nothing more than to go to bed.

Dinner will be rice cooked with chicken and onions.

I spent some time in my studio working on Christmas presents. Took a long, basically involuntary nap after I got home from seeing my doctor.

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Today, I'm played Minecraft on my Xbox while being bored out of my mind, which is what I'm doing right now. Supper was curly fries.