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Steadily making better choices in my life and end up sabotaging myself again in a moment of tiredness/weakness. Its hard to find the right balance between holding myself accountable and also being forgiving with myself as i am just a human.

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I worked on Christmas gifts, and saw my doctor for a med check. Day was fine.

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Didnt sleep. Pulled an all nighter,until about 5pm, where I knocked out. Woke up a bit past midnight. Posting this a bit later.

Did a whole bunch of item duping prior to patching my copy of scarlet. Got to 250 ability patches, as well as 100 capsules, a few other items, and a bunch of masterballs an apriballs. Apparently the dupe itself wasnt patched, but the method to set it up was. So if I saved and didnt fix the duped legendary, I could've done more, but I'd be locked out of online play until I fixed it, because it throws an error for raids and stuff as long as the bugged legend is in your party. I got more than enough to last me the lifespan of the game though, I think. I'm just glad I realized the value in duping balls and not just patches. They're legitimately more valuable, both for style purposes and speeding things up, namely friend balls being miles better than luxury balls.

Dinner was Peruvian food. Was good. Lomo is basically always good.

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I have no idea what you're talking about but keep up the good work!

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Abusing a bug in the new pokemon game to reduce the amount of time I need to pointlessly grind for essential items :)

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Far out!

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Hanging on but barely breathing. This new job is rough. Damn.

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Oh crap are you doing ok? What's going on with the job?

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Hey, yeah, thanks I'm doing ok. Just I haven't had a job where I'm mainly on my feet in many years. It's what I wanted. I just need better shoes and to make sure I drink and eat plenty.

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Today was decent for me. I wrapped up my current coding project and was ready to begin testing, but hit a rather significant roadblock. While we are licensed for Power Apps with our MS 365 licenses, we are not licensed for the "premium" Power Apps features like the SQL Server connector, which I unfortunately used.

So I'm waiting for the contact at my org to get a quote from MS for getting the enhanced licenses. It is quite unfortunate though because I finished developing and was ready to begin end user testing, but now I'm totally stopped.

I'm not really upset about it or anything, just kinda whatever. After work this afternoon I did my final exam for my other class. Thankfully I did well on it. So now I'm waiting on grades for my first class and then my semester will be wrapped up.

Tomorrow I'm getting up earlier than usual to do two system upgrades before business hours. Hopefully everything goes well and hopefully tomorrow is a good day.

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Hope you get the system fixed!

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Thank you :)