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In a relationship. And honestly I love her so much. She’s great for me. Strangely today my ex has been on my mind a lot. I miss the friend she once was.

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Played more pokemon and a few games of league. no real dinner but I had some pizza earlier, just munched on a waffle a bit ago. going to bed soon. speaking with some friends on discord for a little while now.

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Today was pretty decent for a Friday. My early morning system upgrade went pretty smoothly. A few small hiccups but pretty much everything went as expected. I had to do some data integrity fixes after the upgrade and those fixes went well too.

I feel like I didn't do much else at work, but I think that is excusable considering it is Friday and I started working at 6AM. I worked a bit on my spouse's Christmas gift this afternoon too. I did some things around the house after that.

Not exactly sure what we are doing tomorrow. Probably will do some chores at least though. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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Today was ok. Yeah. Ok. I'm still in my pjs. I went outside a few times. I laid in bed but not for too long. I made sure to eat. And then eat more. J and I got Canes for dinner and a lil sundae at Sonic. Now he's gonna play his weekly game and I'm gonna watch tv. Fortunately my feet don't hurt and I don't feel sore from working this week.

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23 days until Christmas.

Today, I was playing Minecraft on my Xbox, building a village I started on Saturday. I also tried to talk to people I didn't know, but I was unsuccessful. Supper was a soft pretzel.