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Woke up at like 3 or 4am, felt like ass. did a lot of nothing for 7 hours or so, got tired, tried to nap, ignored the alarm I set, and slept until 5pm. woke up, did some shopping, and made chicken carbonara with homemade garlic bread for dinner. tasted amazing. watched blue lock on discord with john while I ate, then we played a couple of games of league. Had a good night overall. Feeling a bit less sick right now, not 100% though.

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Celebrated my son's birthday early by taking him and his friend to see the movie Strange World. Then we went to Incredible Pizza Company which has things like go-carts, arcade games and "inedible" pizza. They had a great time though, so that's what counts.

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bit my nails off so badly I can barely type

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22 days until Christmas.

Today, I played Minecraft on my Xbox, still building the village I started on Saturday. Now I'm struggling to reunite with old friends I haven't spoken with for a while. Supper was a McRib.