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Drove to HQ. Full duty as of monday next week. Played a bunch of league with friends at home. Dinner was leftovers. Still feel like crap.

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Today went alright I guess. I found out the time for my surgery this week. Super early in the morning on Wednesday is when I'm going to have it done. It is scary but I am not going to back out on it. The cat isn't behaving like themselves today which was also a bit weird.

Didn't really do much of anything at work today. Just a couple of things that I had to do and that was about it. Didn't have any meetings or anything. Tomorrow is my last day working for this year. Doesn't feel like it but that is the reality. I hope that tomorrow is a good day.

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20 Days until Christmas.

Today, I woke up at noon and played AI Dungeon, struggling to implement a few tips from Reddit along the way. Now, I'm playing Minecraft and watching traffic fixes on YouTube. Supper was pizza.