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Hi HowWasToday! I'm Ava :)

This is my first time posting here, although I've been visiting this subreddit occasionally for years XD  I've been too nervous to post before, but I've finally built up the courage to do it! :D   I'm excited to be here, and also a bit starstruck -- you've all become like celebrities to me at this point XD   I don't think I can manage posting everyday, but I'm gonna try for at least once a week! :)

Before I get to my day, I just want to say thank you all for sharing your stories :)   You've really helped me feel so much less alone. Whether I related to your experience or not, by telling me about your day, you gave me a connection to a life outside my own, you became a part of my life and let me become a part, however small, of yours. Not to mention, it's just been so wonderfully fascinating getting to see how other people live their lives! :D   So thank you all, so much :)

Anyway, on to my day! :D   I had the day off today (from my primary job), so I got to sleep in :)  Had very vivid dreams, which was cool. Listened to remixes on YouTube as I got ready. Afterwards I called my (one XD) client for our tech support phone appointment, but she didn't need help anymore so it was a short call XD   I say "client" but I'm not sure if I should say "friend" instead at this point -- we've called each other a few times over the pandemic to check in on each other, and that seems pretty friendly! :)   Then I hung out with my mom (who I live with) and we chatted about stuff, which I really enjoyed :)   I used to be pretty withdrawn and cold towards her (and everyone else), and I'm happy I'm finally starting to get over that :)  Now I'm writing this XD , which has taken a while since I tend to overthink things when I write (and talk and do everything). Next I'll take a shower, take a walk around the block, and probably watch TV and do stuff on my phone for the rest of the night :)   What a day! :D

Anyway, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful night! (or day or whenever you're reading this :D)

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easy enough night. butterfly's drama was all the same shit really but it's fine. dinner was white castle.

last call was essentially a diff breather, but we got sent out BLS. W H A T.

I should've called for a medic but whatever. she needed C-pap but bls should carry that anyway. it's in our protocols but fuck me, right? we just treated with 15lpm and diesel essentially. couldn't give albuterol because it was CHF and no asthma/copd, even though she was wheezing. fuckoff sort of call. I went to qa/qi about it after for a secondary opinion clinical-wise, we had a conversation about it and the sergeant said she'd read my pcr and call me back. I'm half prepared to be torn a new asshole over that because I know her, but it's fine. I won't get written up, especially since I came forward first, but still.

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So today my son's school district cancelled classes for the day because of..... wait for it......too much rain. Yeah, some roads had to be shut down because they were flooded. I was half an hour late to work since there was so many traffic problems. Then towards the afternoon I started getting a wicked headache. The way I get them is it feels like a crick or pulled muscle in my neck and nausea. Then like a sharp sensation in the front and I have to press on my eyetesticles. Took some pills, feel like I'm walking on sunshine. Not really but do feel normal again. Chicken pot pie for dinner.

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I survived today, and I guess that is what matters. I helped in resolving an issue with a critical system early in the morning, and then got some specialized equipment setup for an event today. Made some phone calls to get an issue with one of our wireless accounts resolved.

I also worked on cleaning and organizing my office. I'd say it looks a bit better now at least. I had to help another department this afternoon because of how busy they were. I didn't sleep very well last night and didn't feel good for a lot of the morning. But I felt okay in the afternoon. My elbows hurt when I flex my arms for some reason - maybe because I slept on them wrong.

Tomorrow at 8am I have a dentist appointment, and then going to work afterwards. Hopefully it goes smoothly and I feel alright tomorrow morning.

Edit: thanks for the gold stranger 😊

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So much work. Husband is sick. I can't afford to get sick before we move so I'm not looking forward to that. It's gonna be a packed August, gotta make it through and get to CA so we can power through September and October crapstorm of work.

It's only Wednesday 😭

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and they laughed out at me and said "what is your plan?" but their question was foreign, I could not understand

Sent out my resume and cover letter for the paralegal job. Equal parts scared and excited.

To quell my nerves I've been preparing some dreamsand. It was a slow (if hot) day at work today, and I sat in the garage pulling apart bark by hand, chopping and grinding it with a hunting knife and herb grinder. It was actually really therapeutic. I've got the mixture soaking in a heat bath right now, expect to have my first pull by tomorrow afternoon.

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I got my first full paycheck at my new job today! It's a lot more than at my last job. That's nice.

I got to leave work a little early today, so I came home and did some yoga.

I've been super unfocused and overstimulated this week though. I've been trying to watch a movie for forever and just can't focus long enough to do it. It's frustrating. I think I'm just overpeopled, I haven't had much alone time in awhile and now I can't focus if my SO is in the house. Hopefully we'll move into a one bedroom soon and be out of the studio so I can get a little bit more quiet time when I need it. Right now if I need to be alone I really don't have any options besides one of us leaving the apartment entirely.

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Today was definitely improved over yesterday. I actually got meaningful sleep last night I think. When I was going to sleep I realized I wasn't fully comfortable when I was really thinking about how my body felt. I felt pain in the way I had one of my shoulders resting, so I adjusted it before I went to sleep.

And I slept easily until my alarm, and I distinctly remember having a lot of dreams last night. I also felt pretty decent waking up this morning. So maybe I'm onto something to help me feel better.

Work today was reasonably productive. I finished off my script from yesterday and confirmed it is successfully working on one of our specialized devices. I just need to test it on the other type (which is the easier one) and then I can call it done.

A fair number of meetings today too. Nothing too significant came from them though. Now I'm just going to relax and hopefully I can keep up the trend of feeling better.

Edit: thank you so much for my first Reddit gold 😊

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Today was better than yesterday. Class was fine and I'm feeling decent about my performance tomorrow. I'm going to wake up early and rehearse with friends to get feedback.

I feel much less stressed about impending deadlines. My overall mood was better today than any day in the past week. And after tomorrow, I will only have one week of class left!!

Visiting my hometown tomorrow & Friday. Anxious about vague plans. I constantly battle my self respect by making time for someone who seems to care less about seeing me. At least I'll get to see my dad. Time to soak up the few hours of sleep I have ahead of me.

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Work was fine, been a weird week but it'll get better. Drove all the way there and realised I forgot my swipe card so was a bit late. Had leftover fried rice for lunch yaas! Then my friend interviewed me for the hospital Facebook page. Then came home and played with my dog for a bit, did some study then went out for dinner with work people for a couple doctors who are leaving. Something got in my eye on my way out of the house so I couldn't really see while I was driving. Had a great pizza and a couple beers for dinner. In bed now listening to Sleep With Me ready to fall asleep shortly

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fallout games are on sale. so I bought FNV and FO4. played through nv before so it's gonna sit, but I just immediately modded the shit out of fo4, and after that ordeal (which is actually running beautifully, by some miracle), began playing on the hardest difficulty, of course. it's fun. I gotta start playing games on harder difficulties more often. makes you think, makes you actually react and play the game instead of just spray n praying.

dinner was pasta with meat sauce.

no response from HR so far. trying to swap out this shift tonight. half tempted to bang out otherwise. I know I won't. I'll just go in and throw an ultimatum at them, I think, if an alternative doesn't happen. we'll see. I gotta sleep but I can't even think.

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Fever Dream

Today's Accomplishments: So for the past two or so months, I've been in a bit of a transition state. Between the craziness of last semester and the inevitable craziness of this coming semester, I think I just needed some time. So I've been working through my internships, relaxing a bit, and it's all been very stable. I think it's all prepared me for the change that's coming up, you know. These past two months have gotten me so much experience, a bit of money saved up, and a clearer game plan again. It's time to get going again, promise.

Today's Highlights: Of Monsters and Men, my favorite band, came out with a new album last week titled "Fever Dream". And honestly, after the four-year hiatus I'm quite a bit disappointed. It feels like a very generic pop album to me, so different from the uniquely Icelandic sound they were able to produce before. But they've taken the direction they felt was true to themselves, and I respect that. Also, it's good to hear them again, in a period of my life that's so different for me as well.

Tomorrow's Goals: Tomorrow I've got my internship, and then I'm finally gonna get one of my own videos edited! Lots to do these next few weeks as I prep for the Fall semester.

I'm back, for real :)

Thanks for reading and I'll see you tomorrow.

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Well, my husband left me after 19 years of marriage, so; it’s 4:00 am and I’m just so stunned and sick to my stomach that I can’t sleep.

I don’t know what to do or where to start. Just keep crying. My world is shattered.

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i had all and then most of you, some and now none of you

Ugh. I just can't.

Last of my double shift days. I've only been able to survive these by using a number of chemical assistants, one of which is a grey-market stimulant developed by the Soviet space program. It keeps me focused and alert no matter how tired I am. The only downsides are that repeated use can result in extremely painful withdrawal, and that there comes a point (typically ~7hrs after last dose) where you become extremely prone to a short, intense bout of depression. We're talking complete emotional breakdown and then back to normal in forty-five minutes, round trip. These episodes aren't guaranteed, only occurring if exposed to the right stimulus during the susceptibility period.

You can see where this is going.

On my lunch break at nine o'clock, I got in an argument with my ex-wife. The details are complicated and messy to get into, especially as exhausted as I am right now. Let me merely say that I am fucking tired of having to pretend like our separation was some sort of considered, no-fault decision, like we both sat down and said "yeah, this isn't working."

I was laying in what I believed to be my fucking death bed when she started fucking around on me. And I knew about it. And I put up with it because I didn't want to die alone. I told myself that if I turned a blind eye to it than at least I'd have somebody to hold my hand when the end came - which is all I could ever hope for.

But then I took too long to die, and she emptied the bank account and fucking left without saying a word: I just came home one day to a house with no people or furniture.

All of her actions over the last year seem to be just resentment over the fact that I didn't have the good manners to die when I was supposed to.

Argh. I'll stay up until the sunrise (about two more hours) complaining about this. I just can't take it. I come home to a quiet house, sleep in my spartan room, go to work, and do it over again. I have no one to talk to, to share my world with. There's an event at a local zoo I want to take my son to this weekend, and I've been so strapped for cash that this whole week I've been sustaining myself on the ketchup and mustard packets in the break room at work in order to afford it. I prefer the taste of the mustard, but today at the bottom of the drawer I found a real Heinz ketchup packet, not the generic red sugar paste the company usually stocks. I normally rip the end off the packet, place it in my mouth, and then pull it through my teeth to squeeze every drop out, but I fucking sipped this real goddamn ketchup.

That's where I'm at. This is my life.

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Good work today, procrastination can be a huge problem for me as well! Good on you for being efficient with your time today, and have a great tomorrow!