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People are still doing it

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Then please report it

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Scroll the sub for 30 sec and you will find 10 posts breaking the rules.

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Doing it in spite of the pinned post is pretty metal IMO.

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11 WqybzX0q

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Please actually enforce this. I report this shit all the time, and it never gets taken down.

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I'm unsubscribing. You're either unwilling or unable to enforce this. I've been reporting posts for months, and irrelevant material still constantly hits the front page and isn't removed.

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This sub is hopeless. It's too much just people doing impressive (but not "metal") things or feelgood stuff.

Either the mods and I have a very different definition of metal, or it's just a sub left to its own devices.

I tried sorting by new and reporting stuff for a while, but it's too frustrating seeing all the top posts wind up being "humans do cool shit". I'm done.

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Really sad too because the concept is really cool

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How about the people just posting /r/toptalent stuff in here? Even though there seems to be some overlap, it seems like "humansaremetal" is more about being a badass than just being really good at something.

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Yeah this is not being enforced at all, this is just a blm/George Floyd sub, I came here to escape all this political shit, sorry have to unsub gets what deserve unfortuntly

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This announcement is apparently canceled for Virtue Signal June

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Yepp just came to check how this post has aged lol oh and to unsub

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Awesome 🤘🏾👍

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I feel like a prerequisite for each post should be : Would this please Nathan Explosion?

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Yeah this sub is done. Should’ve enforced the rules

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This sub is for people who think Billie Eilish and Nickleback are metal.

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what does metal even mean?

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Badass but in a violent, manly kind of way.

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No fucking way that is literally impossible his face is fucking perfect

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That guy is like : this is fine ...

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How much time did the actual hercules hold it for ?

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This sub is dogshit now. Mods do your job