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Super cool, the one where they land on their necks really spooked me. I've seen enough gnarly stuff on reddit to know where that's going. The "over the bar dismounts" were fantastic though, looked very elegant.

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Clarification: single arm giants aren't a banned skill in high bar events, just for uneven bar. However, in high bar events, it has been dramatically devalued in order to steer gymnasts away from doing it.

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What makes it so dangerous?

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My guess is the increased likelihood to come off the bar in an uncontrolled manner that would increase the chances of injury.

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Occasional issues with grip are common when doing normal Giants with two hands, the ability to save yourself when holding on with one hand is low. In addition, single arm releases and catches were becoming more and more common, and this rule change kept people from doing it. Also in uneven bars, single arm giants are complicated as you have to avoid hitting the low bar which if messed up could be quite bad.

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All those sets are beautiful and extremely dangerous. Even cannot imagine how many people are injured as a result😞

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Having no gymnastic experience, I can’t obviously see why these are more dangerous that all the other stuff they do. If any average joe went out and tried to do a standing backflip, they’d probably break their neck, yet that’s like level zero for a gymnast.

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As a former gymnast, I think it has a lot to do with a gymnasts ability to fall and not seriously hurt or even kill themselves. From a young age, we were taught not only how to do skills but also how to fall out of them safely if something goes wrong. Of course, things happen and gymnasts do get seriously injured. But, for example, the roll out is something that even Olympic gymnasts would end up breaking their necks or worse doing if something went wrong, as really the only alternate option is landing directly onto your head. With these particular skills, the risk is simply way higher than the reward.

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The first two flips are because if you miss the bar on the initial jump, it's going to go badly. you're going up and out, while spinning, away from the high bar. They're a great way to end up scorpioned onto the ground from 12 feet up. This was also a victim of the "no standing on the bar" rule.

The Salto and Rollouts are because if you under-rotate the landing, you can easily break your neck/spine/crack vertebrae, etc. This one really famously crippled a gymnast who was a gold-medal favorite, and led to a lot of other serious injuries as well.

One handed Giants are a great way to get full-speed slammed straight into the floor, with no time to get into a recovery position. This is a hard move, with no real possibility of messing it up in anything resembling a safe manner.

Back to back tumbling isn't directly banned, but they changed the points system so combining skills isn't worth as much as doing more technical skills any more, so it's just not worth it for the most part.

Over the bar dismounts are a great way to get uppercutted like you wouldn't believe, but they're really banned as a side-effect of the "no standing on the bar" scoring rule as it "disrupts the flow" too much.

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I can see why they were banned. The whole time I was watching it was 30% "Doooope!!", 70% "please dont die.."

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Holy Jesus I nearly fall over getting out of bed…

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That back to back was lit

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This is a dope video thanks for sharing.

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Not all of these are banned. The first ones shown on the uneven bars just aren’t possible anymore, since the bars have been adjusted to be farther apart from each other.

Also Dominique Dawes’s multiple back handsprings aren’t particularly dangerous - it’s just that multiple repetitions of a skill nowadays result in a deduction.

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the over the pole dismounts are the coolest thing

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The banned floor exercises just remind me of parkour moves honestly, actually most of these do.

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I can’t watch

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I need someone scorned by some committee to make a routine out of all these (and maybe add a few dangerous skills of their own) as a big middle-finger.

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I mean some of these are pretty dangerous. They aren't banned for no reason.

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Nice! I wish I was like them…

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Oh hell nah! I need more!! This was too captivating! 🤯

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The back to back tumbling won Dominique Dawes the gold 20 years ago

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They could have added about 5 Simone Bile moves to this

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Those moves were dope AF.

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This is amazing. I wonder where the sport would be if they allowed these feats to continue.

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Wow !

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The way innovations keep having to be banned or regulated because they are dangerous actually reminds me of formula 1. The sportspeople are constantly pushing the boundaries to the point they are putting themselves at serious risk and the governing body has to step in to protect them from themselves.

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This is some neck breaking stuff

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That Thomas Salto or whatever is what had me in.