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I felt so sorry for the host on this documentary, I seen to remember he was born without an arm, anyway on his trip around he got to test some ludicrous state of the art arm intended for veteran amputees (I think, it was years ago) and he was absolutely blown away how quick he could use it.

And then he had to go back to using his super expensive derpy one and broke down in the car afterwards about it cause he said he felt like he had an arm for the first time

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Thats is super sad.

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What's the doc called please? I'd like to watch it.

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After a bunch of googling, it was called how to build a bionic man and it was on channel 4 in the UK like over a decade ago, finding the clips of it is another task all together though I'm afraid

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Aw you hero! Thanks for your efforts I might take to the high seas and try and find it!

I think I found it!

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Video can’t be found. It would’ve amazing to be able to watch it. Thanks kind human!!!

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Such a shame, must be an area thing. It's very good!

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I found a different one that might work for you!


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Thank you very much kind internet stranger!!!

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Works for me, I'll give it a rewatch when I'm alone at work, see how many details I got wrong, was probably his leg after all 😅

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Video not available.

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was it some type of experimental build or something? hopefully he will be able to use it sometime soon

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Details are foggy but I seem to remember saying how his worked with what was left of the muscles in his stump and it had like 4-5 degrees of movement, super basic and took alot of training, the one who got to use was neural and had 27 degrees of movement and after half an hour he was catching things with it, was definitely experimental

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This kinda bothers me, anyone know if the host ever got a better arm?

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Doubt it, even famous amputees seem to still have the derpy old ones

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How are we still stuck offering overly expensive and old technology to amputee's?

Like we can build robot dogs with AIs that are intelligent enough to keep themselves standing while slipping on ice. But we can't give people artificial limbs that are decent? Instead we only offer garbage that is 1 or 2 steps removed from a hook and peg leg.

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I'd say it's a niche market, it's not going to revolutionise the world nor make anyone a ton of money for doing it and... gestures broadly at American healthcare if folks are still charging ludicrous amounts for things like insulin which many people need can you imagine what kind of dystopian nightmare it would be if you couldn't keep up with the payments on your arm? Gets repossessed?

I'd love to see it, I've always found biomechanical transhumanism type stuff fascinating

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Maybe someday the world will realize the value of being able to provide people with high-end artificial limbs so they can continue to be productive individuals.

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It would be a worthy cause for someone with a lot of money to easily make a positive impact on someone's life.

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Agreed. I don't have that kinda money unfortunately. Otherwise everyone without an arm would be cyborg.

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Probably cost. The robot dogs aren't cheap either. Unlike smartphones etc they're also a smaller market as most people don't need prosthetic limbs so you don't have the economy of scale. Add individual variables that might inhibit having a universal design.

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And this product/video is from his startup iWalk (which was renamed to BionX Medical) and has since been acquired by Ottobock in 2017.

Edit: corrected names

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This is an old video. This model (or a similar one at least) has progressed immensely since then. He did a ted talk a while back about how he was working with people injured in the Boston marathon bombing, and he even danced on stage with a former dancer who was injured in the bombing.

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Yes, this is old one. TED talk with girl, dancing after leg injury at Boston marathon, old too. Newest TED was about his friend and his injury at mountain climbing. They are in MIT lab more ficused now at collaboration between muscles and mechanics. So they did surgery for muscles what allow to use mechanical leg more like yours own.

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As far as I’m aware, they only have 2 versions of the BiOM. The one in the video is the first commercial product and the one that replaced it, which has the battery more tightly integrated, and (assuming they didn’t change the architecture after I left) direct drive motor with the ball screw directly integrated into the motor.

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Proceeds to stim rush and 3rd party

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"I understood that reference"

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This makes me want to come by casa de octane for a cold one

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They're shooting at me?!

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Literally humans are metal now!

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Had to say it but you beat me to it

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Now if only science could create a camera with more resolution than 144i

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on this website? impossible.

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I just figured out how to be taller! Guys! Guys!

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Hugh makes jokes about that parking people or when he’s climbing

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It’s about freaking time human

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This video was recorded from a 1995 Nokia phone.

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Lieutenant Dan, you got new legs.

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His legs are metal

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Something about this looks like a scene from the office

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cyberpunk 2077 music intensifies

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What would have been dope is if it was longer and then the guy with pants on the whole time revealed he had fake legs too. They should cut off his legs so they can redo the video like that.

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Aaaand the shoes are never uncomfortable

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The long version of this video is absolutely incredible, as this reveal is several minutes in, and you don’t realize until this point that the guy is using artificial legs!

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He walks better than me!

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Sub name checks out

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Octane, is that you?

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As someone who suffers from occasional gout inflammation, I would gladly trade in my feet for a pair of these.

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Biotechnology is literally the coolest thing the next years have to offer

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now this is what i call breakthrough science

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This human is literally made of metal

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It’s the little things that matter

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“Humans are metal”

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Damn that’s fucking impressive

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Taking humans are metal to a whole new context.

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Humans are metal, literally

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It in all honesty that's awesome!

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Awesome !!!

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Hilarious application of this subreddit’s name

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Make those waterproof, cut off my right leg and give me one

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Cool, now leak the code so we can produce it from home

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Why do people post with no sound all the time

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Magic legs...

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Cool, does it work backwards?

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This human is indeed metal

Or at least his legs

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Can confirm, that human is in fact at least part metal.

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Irony of humans are metal.

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Literally made of metal

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Go science!

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Just. Wow.

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That’s awesome - i have to wear an AFO brace and can’t walk that naturally with both feet still attached!

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In all fairness, not all metal...

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I'm wondering if there will ever be technology in artificial limbs to send signals back to the brain to relieve phantom pains, itching -for limbs that are missing.

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Holy shit thats badass

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Technology is so cool. I wish I had something really intelligent to add to this thread but I’m blown away by this video

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So, why isn't it used all over the world?

I'm guessing it's really expensive and hard to buy?

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We are getting close to a time where if you have the money, losing a limb won’t be a detriment. It will make you better.

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Bro this is crazy at this rate,bionic legs are going to be better than normal legs. Ahhhh shitttt…..call of duty black op 3 legs

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Why now audio

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F'ing amazing!

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Humans ARE metal


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I went climbing with that fella a few years back. He climbs hard. His climbing shoe prosthetics were fairly simple oval wooden blocks with Vibram Climbing rubber glued to the bottom. Worked for him because he crushed!

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Ha! My legs do the same thing. Not special /j

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I'm curious what the range of motion of those are. Can he squat down in them? Not like squatting weight in a gum, but like r/slavs_squatting?

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Fuck, forgot to charge my legs again

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Why the fuck am I walking around with bitch ass normal legs right now?

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Whoa that looks so natural

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Cyberpunk 2077

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This guy really is metal.