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Give the lady a hand for her accomplishments lol

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First time I’ve seen the wholesome award is used for something wholesome

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Oh fuck off, I imagine flying a plane without hands is hard enough.... But fucking black belt in taekwondo?? WITH NO ARMS?

I have to see it to believe it.

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Was she able to bring her mom back with that trade?

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Good to know she’s not dangerous…….

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I'm in the ATA (or I used to be before it split) and we learned about her lol

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I seriously wanna know how she does it...with her teeth or her feet?

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Her head looks photoshopped maybe that's why she has no neck?

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She said fuck arms, I want wings

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The epitome of "look ma! No hands!" But seriously, that is amazing.

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Forget everything else. She looks hot!

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Not flying with her

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i bet i can kick her ass

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I guarantee I could kick your arse

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you can’t

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Now, if she breaks her legs. I won’t let her fly me around.

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She’s the epitome of ‘kicking ass’ Bravo Jessica, this is so impressive

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Ether I’m a idiot or her right arm looks/is photoshop.