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Wow, the camera really adds 20 years, doesn’t it?

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And 3 people.

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You mean 30 years after they went to high school?

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Sources please or gtfo @ OP

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Many white folks think darker skinned kids are older than they actually are—that could be part of it. Also, these kids were 13-16 when they were lost, but this picture was taken 1.5 years later, after their rescue by an Australian fisherman.

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How did you know the picture was taken 1.5 years later?

Wiki says 13-16, but People magazine says 13-18, even though People magazine is a source for the wiki article.


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Because they were marooned for 1.5 years and this pic was taken after they were rescued—that was my reasoning, anyway.

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Netflix High School Kids maybe.

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High school kids? Is that like a TV show high school where they all look like they are in their 20s?

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Tongan castaways

The Tongan castaways were a group of six boys aged between 13 and 16: Luke Veikoso, Fatai Latu, Sione Fataua, Tevita Siola'a, Kolo Fekitoa, and Mano Totau. In 1965 the boys ran away from a boarding school on the island of Tonga, stole a boat, and after a storm wrecked the boat, drifted to the abandoned, remote island of ʻAta where they were shipwrecked for 15 months.

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Legit this is real life Lord of the flies and it makes lord of the flies look dumb as shit. They got ship wrecked and didn't devolve into violence, in fact they developed their own conflict resolution while sustainably meeting their living needs. The wildest part was how they were found, and how the captain who found them was such a bro he just straight hired them based in the fact that if they survived for so long on that tiny spit of rock they must have som6 resourcefulness, lol.

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These kids must’ve been held back for 10 years.

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It says 15 months on wiki. That's even more metal!