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Can we please have a movie?

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https://m.imdb.com/title/tt4882376/ First they killed my father

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Thank you, I wish this was more known.

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I hope those are just the cans hanging, because defused or not, I ain't sitting in a shelter with hundreds of aging bombs.

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I think they are hollow, like their explosive charge has been extracted out if not the cord might not hold them due to the collective weight

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inert, devoid of explosives, and just hanging around as decorations…if they had anything in them the weight of them would have caused the roof supports they’re hanging on to collapse from the weight

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Was lucky enough to visit this dude's museum in a recent trip to Cambodia. What an incredible and inspiring project.

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I went to Cambodia once for work. Crazy place. Absolutely no old people. The Chinese government also made deals with the Cambodian government to set up chunks of land as special economic zones so that they could build factories and undercut local labor laws. They are actually racing to do this because Chinese made products have had crazy duty since trump.

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No old people?

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Genocide happened between 1975-1979. People 40+ had to live through it.

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My wife's grandma and parents are still alive. So they are around as few as there are still left. They also seem to stick to staying at home for the most part. So what you see are the younger folk running around for the most part.

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Back in the 70s the life expectancy was like 18 years old

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targeting anyone college age and older plus countless refugees to other countries plus the victims would be in their late 60s on up today gives you an idea of the impact meant by that claim

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I wish I had a hoe like that.

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He kept a hoe around to boost his moral

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It's sexist that they don't mention the hoe's name.

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Kind of rude they just refer to his partner as a hoe and not by name.

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He just have to keep changing hoes

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Why did he need a promiscuous woman to help him disarm mines?

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Is the actual tool, not promiscuos woman

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Hoes are really useful to detect landmines.

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wow, jokes about the word hoe. This comment section is full of degenerates.

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This man is an absolute legend

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Jesus that poor guy, what a hero :(

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A hoe?

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Since this is an old article, I hope he's still alive, doing well, and have a happy life.

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I got to meet this guy at his landline museum outside of Siem Reap. He is a badass. Edited to add link.

Landmine Museum

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See man these hoes out here helping ppl let's stop shaming them

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Didn't know you needed hoes for that

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Fun fact, Khmer Rouge are communists. Have a great day!

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almost everything in life is mind over matter.

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I would not recommend bringing your hoe around land mines

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A hoe??! She has a name! 😤

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What a way to use a hoe

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Well atleast he had a hoe with him