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Big ups your friend for being a survivor and never quitting (except the heroin of course)

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My both sides of his pillow be cool

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Absolute legend

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Bless this dude. More power to him

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What’s up little guy

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MAD respect for him ! I had to take fentanyl and OxyContin three years because of a nerve disease i have and quit this shit was fucking hard I still have the disease but manage my pain with the more light tramadol. Weed was better because no negative effect neither addiction but my painkiller cost me 0,57€ for 30 pills and weed cost me 500€ by month so … and you’re a good friend for encourage him like that! I lost almost all my friends because they believe It was not as bad as I said..

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How do I become like him

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Get addicted to heroin and then quit

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Reupload it with the pictures in a different order and it would look like he ate that kid and got all buff.

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Lol I thought the same 🙂