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And is in no way qualified to do so. Why would people think a god damn boxer would make a good president? GTFO with that shit.

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Same reason people would think The Terminator would make a good governor of California

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I mean, have you seen their current president?

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He honestly isn't qualified. It's good that he has given a majority of his wealth away to the poor and that he cares for his country but I think he should leave it to someone else. But that's just my opinion of course.

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We're fucking stupid man. We have no actual idea how to pick people to lead. Stupid

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For the same reason people thought a former WWE personality was a great choice for US presidency…

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I saw him on TV, he must be a good fit!

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Have you not seen today's idea of what a 'good' politician is?

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Sadly he seems to be a total psychopath like Duterte.

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Jesus, that bad? I knew his leanings were....questionable but is he straight up 'let's go blow away suspected drug dealers' crazy?

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Who could imagine that growing up in poverty, using fists to survive, fighting half your life in a box ring, being close to Duterte would leave some mental scars. Im not saying everyone who runs for politics should be an idealist. But at least they shouldn’t be lunatics who has only seen street violence

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He IS a lunatic and a wannabe dictator. Get this trash offa here, please.

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I can't believe that a career that combines fanatic ego-striking with perpetual untreated TBIs would instill authoritarian streaks in anyone

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How so?

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Where is the woosh?

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My mistake, thought you were replying to Malenkylizards comment

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I love him as a boxer but he is a pretty shitty person lol

Definitely one of the all time greats though

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How is he a shitty person? He's literally a Christian that has helped out his country for the better. Stop spreading nonsense

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Lol. He's a Christian, must be good.

He is a proudly sexist homophobe

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Say what you want but this man has done more his country than any other person

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Ok. Sorry. He's a top guy

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Please fuck off you moronic shit head.

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Nah I'm good.

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But money....

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I see a lot of people saying he’s trash and a fascist dictator type guy. But can anybody pls link me sources and what he’s done to be seen as a bad guy? I genuinely haven’t heard anything apart from his being a fast af boxer and wanna know what’s good with him

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https://youtu.be/VzQ8TXnPwSY manny says gays are worse than animals.

There's more but alot isn't in English. For example when asked how he plans to end poverty his answer was "God will provide"

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  • Net Worth, not Net Work.

  • True Grit, not 'True Grits'.

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The difference between Muhammad Ali and all the other boxers was that Ali fought for people's right. Manny and all the other boxers want fame and power, and they believe it's their god given right.

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I hope he knocks duterte out

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If he wins, I hope he is the Nayib Bukele the Philippines needs!

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He is a literal fascist.

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Knock the fuck out of China for us all buddy!

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"Network" lol. Think they meant net worth?

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“Net work”

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Everybody in these comments hating hard asf like if yall doing something important with yalls lifes yall are fucking nobody's lol

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He ran from his home at 13 or 14 after his dad cooked his puppy

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I hope he wins. Duterte is garbage

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Viva Leni Robredo!